New Year, New Semester, New Page in Life, NEW BLOG THEME!

Well, it’s official. 2015 is in full swing. January is almost over, I started my last semester of college, I’m working two internships and a part-time job, applying to jobs for the future, apartment-hunting, traveling to NYC every few weeks, and attempting to keep my life together. That being said, I have been feeling the need for organization and control – so what better place to start than with my blog? I hope you all like the new, more professional, more organized theme. I’m trying to make myself seem more job-worthy. Let me know what you think of the change! Bye bye Balloons Theme, hello Sela!

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I Don’t Get Wasted and I Don’t Do Drugs and That’s Not Allowed to Bother You

I blow bubbles, not smoke rings.

I blow bubbles, not smoke rings.

I’ve never done any drugs. This surprises a lot of people, given that I come from an upper-middle class liberal background and go to a small liberal arts school. I’m from Eugene, Oregon, hippie capital of the US, and go to Skidmore College, ranked number 1 for marijuana usage by the Princeton Review in 2015. I’m not saying I never will smoke pot, but I’ve never felt the need to. I’m aware that I’m part of the minority. I can count on one hand all the people I know who have never smoked weed. And that’s 100% okay with me.

Marijuana doesn’t bother me. High people don’t bother me. I have no problem whatsoever with people who smoke – that’s everyone’s personal decision and I have no opinion on marijuana usage. Smoke if you want to. Don’t smoke if you don’t want to. It really makes no difference to me.

So what’s this blog post about, then? If I have no problem with people who do drugs, what the hell am I writing about?

The problem I have with people who do drugs is that some of them feel they have the right to tell me I should do them. I have been told by multiple people on multiple occasions that they want to “corrupt” me. They think I’m “innocent” and “immature” for not doing drugs. I have had people roll their eyes at me when I said I don’t smoke. Someone once told me that she wouldn’t go out with me because I was sober. Another person joked that they would slip weed into some of my food since I wasn’t going to smoke on my own. People often tell me I’m “too sober” or “not drunk enough” when I go out. Just because I’m young and in college doesn’t mean I’m missing out by not partying more. I still go to parties and I get drunk, but that’s not enough for some people. For me, going out and having fun doesn’t mean I need to be under the influence; it’s about the people I’m with, the places I go, and honestly it’s about whether or not I get to dance.

People judge me for my choices and that’s not fair. I respect other people’s decisions to do drugs, to binge drink, to go hard. So other people need to respect my decision not to.

Peer pressure isn’t cool in middle school and it isn’t cool now. You can tell me I’m lame, you can tell me I’m boring, and you can tell me I’ll regret not being wilder when I’m older. But none of those things are true and I’m not going to change for you.

I didn’t drink until I was 17. I like to go out sober sometimes. I don’t smoke weed and I never have. I never drink enough to blackout or throw up. I’m perfectly happy staying in sometimes and not going out to bars. I’m a “good girl.” And that’s okay.

New Year’s Resolutions I Can Keep

I think we can all keep these great New Year’s Resolutions.

Ponies and Martinis

New Year’s Resolutions I Can Keep | Ponies and Martinis I resolve to be more beach-friendly this year.

With the very best of intentions, I start off the new year with an ambitious resolution or two, like working out every day or not yelling at the kids. And slowly, but surely, I fail to keep them. This is why I still carry some baby weight and my kids are deaf.

This year, I have come up with a few resolutions that I know I can stick with.

1. Wear yoga pants more often. I have kept my yoga pants isolated to the gym, but I think I have been severely limiting my comfort. Have you ever worn those things? It’s like rolling in butter and lying in velvet all at the same time. I won’t wear them out in public, like one of those people from Walmart, but, I’ll wear them for lounging, kid drop-off, and girls’ night. Maybe I’ll buy…

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National Championship of College Football: Ducks vs. Buckeyes

Last week was the National Championship of College Football, and being that my mom is the Acting Provost and Senior Vice President of the University of Oregon, my family got the amazing opportunity to go to the game. Even though we (the mighty Oregon Ducks) lost (I don’t want to talk about it, it was a very sad time), the game was really fun! We stayed at the Gaylord Texan Hotel, which is basically crazier than a Disney World Hotel. It has four restaurants, a huge gym (I even worked out for the first time in, like… ever), a lazy river with koi fish, and an enormous atrium with their own Alamo in it. It was insane. Anyways, we  got to do a ton of fun stuff, like hang out with the players in the lobby, go to a community service event, attend a cocktail hour, go to the “fan central,” the pep rally, and the tailgate, etc. It was a blast. So I wanted to share some photos with all you wonderful readers of mine! I hope you enjoy.








The Brooklyn Flea Market

Last week, my friend from California visited me in Oregon and we binge watched HGTV’s “Flea Market Flip” on Netflix. In the show, the artists sell their work at the famous Brooklyn Flea, an amazing flea market in NYC. I immediately knew I NEEDED to check it out. So I texted my boyfriend and told him to pencil it into his calendar – we had to go the flea market. This Saturday we bundled up and loaded ourselves onto the Subway to Crown Heights for the indoor Brooklyn Flea at 1000 Dean St. If you’re in the city, you should definitely check it out. The Brooklyn Flea has different locations during different times of the year, so make sure to check out their website to see where you can find the flea when you decide to go. You can also check out their gorgeous Instagram and see all the cool products vendors bring! Check out the photos below to see some of the fun things I found this weekend!


The Brooklyn Flea’s logo (they sell shirts and mugs if you love it like I do).


This wasn’t actually for sale, but was just part of the Flea. I love the industrial look of it.


Just look at these gorgeous letterpress blocks. Ahhh I’m in love with them.


Beautiful wooden tables.


Industrial metal lights.


Beautiful metal plated mirror.


Industrial metal letters.


Decorative metal plates.


Beautiful metal letters. I want them all.

This Is What Happens When You Try To Dress Like A Store Mannequin

Sometimes you walk into a store and fall in love with a look on a mannequin. But then, when you try it on, you look ridiculous. At least, this was the case for me last week when I tried to find “professional” clothes at H&M. Here’s the outfit on the mannequin:


Aaaaaand here’s the outfit on me. For the record, I’m standing on my toes.


Have you ever tried on the outfit off the mannequin? Was it this unsuccessful? Let me know in the comments!

10 All Black Outfits to Wear this Winter

If you find yourself only buying black clothes, you probably get told you need to add some color into your wardrobe. Don’t listen to the haters. Even if you’re not an architect, you can rock the all black look! Check out these ten all black outfits – do any of them fit your style? Chances are you can probably put together these looks with things you already have in your closet; try it out!

all black 10

all black 9 all black 8 all black 7 all black 6 all black 5 all black 4 all black 3 all black 2 all black

(images via

My Winter Break Reading List

I’m always looking for great books to read, but never have enough time during the semester to read for fun. Winter break is the perfect time for reading! Now that Christmas has passed and I received a bunch of books, my reading list is getting extensive and I thought I’d share it with you all. Let me know if you have any book recommendations or any thoughts you want to share with me about the books on my list.