The only accessory fit for a princess.

Me and my tiara. The only accessory fit for a princess.

I’m Ileana (Ill-ee-ah-na). I’m twenty-two, a recent college graduate, and I’m attempting to take on life in NYC. I love writing, decorating clothing, and being around the people I love. This blog is for all things from jewelry to social issues to arguments I have with my brother.

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7 thoughts on “About

  1. N Tulk says:

    I enjoyed reading the 28 Ways You Know You’re and Ex-Gymnasts and most of them are very funny and true. However, number 26 I found a little disturbing. It’s the one about developing an innapropirate relationship with a young gymnast. I personally don’t think that one adds anything to the post which is otherwise really good. I was going to share it but I’m not comfortable doing so because of number 26. Just my thoughts…

  2. keihatsu1 says:

    In regard to the Alexa/Gypsea copy cats:

    It’s probably the “script machine” – a powerful computer system the wealthy use to script their lives. Very expensive. Some run it for free, as “extras”, or to be invited further into the scripts, etc. It gets very competitive.

    It looks like those two couples were “extras” for someone else’s larger script. It may have been run twice at the large level, and they wanted to run it again.

    I’m sure the script has been run many times, but this the evidence I’ve seen of it.

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