Trick-or-Treating Like a Pro

So there we were. Three college juniors, walking down the street, fully costumed, carrying the biggest bags we could find. Now I know what you may be thinking: isn’t it totally unacceptable for people to trick-or-treat after, say, middle school? If you are thinking this, then you would be right. It is completely not chill to take the candy that should belong to small children once you are twice their age. The only other people our age that we saw were parents of small children (and that’s just terrifying on an entirely different level). Given my opinion that trick-or-treating should be reserved primarily for elementary schoolers, you’re probably wondering what exactly we were doing out and about on Halloween in full garb in the rain. Well, here is the answer we gave to everyone who opened the door to us and gave us a look that conveyed all of those previous thoughts:

“Hi, we’re actually college students and we are trick-or-treating for canned goods and non-perishable items for a local food shelf, so if you have anything you’d like to donate, we’d love to take it for you.”

In response, we got the best possible reactions – everything from a tiny two-year-old offering us his own candy, a couple who invited us into their home while we waited for them to gather cans, and a household of wine-drunk thirty year olds who clapped and cheered as we walked down the driveway. In total, the three of us collected 104 cans and a lot of faith in humanity. Our last stop, the most rewarding of them all, was at the grocery store, where we stopped to pick up the last few items we wanted to donate. As we were checking out, the cashier, Margaret*, asked us what was happening on campus tonight. We told her how we had spent our night and where we were donating the food we had collected and she told us, “I live there. Thank you so much for doing this.” And just like that, our night in the rain was totally worth it.

104 Canned Goods and Nonperishable Items!

*name has been changed

Frequently Asked Questions (For Which I Remain Answerless)

FAQ - MoviesWhat’s your favorite movie? Well, goodness, I don’t know. That’s like asking me my favorite type of ice cream or who my favorite female movie star is. I just can’t choose. There are too many good ones (mint chocolate chip, cherry garcia, pumpkin pie, anything with cookie dough and brownies, coffee, etc.; Emma Stone, Emma Watson, Debra Messing, Anne Hathaway, Meryl Streep, Rachel McAdams, etc. – those are some of my choices in case you were wondering). Okay, here’s my short list: Dirty Dancing, 12 Angry Men, The Proposal, Harry Potter (especially if it’s ABC Family’s Harry Potter Weekend, because I literally cannot think of any better way to spend a weekend), Aladdin, Defiance, Legally Blonde, Mean Girls, anything with Jude Law, and the list goes on. My question is why is it so important to have a favorite movie? Why can’t I have a lot of favorite movies? Or a favorite movie for each of my moods? Or a favorite movie for each season? Or each month? Or each food category? For example, when I am eating crappy Chinese food, my favorite movie is High School Musical (preferably the second, although the first works too). Favorite movies also depend on who I’m with. If I’m with someone who can quote the entire first Harry Potter movie (like I can), then that’s my favorite. I think it’s just a really unfair question. So, if you choose to ask me this, expect an answer something like this, because I think even this is concise.

23 Signs You Go To A Small Liberal Arts College In The Northeast

1. You know all the best ways to get to class in the snow. And you know when it’s worth it to take the long way around if it means avoiding getting precipitated on.

Liberal Arts - Snow Tunnel

2. You know the repertoire of all the A Cappella groups. This also means you can sing along to their classics and pretend to be part of the group.

Liberal Arts - A Cappella

3. You know where your professors live. And what cars they drive. And the names of their kids. And pets…

Liberal Arts - Professor's House

4. Your wardrobe is now the same as every other person at your school. It consists of the entirety of Forever 21 and H&M.

Liberal Arts - Uniform

5. The green is always full (because there’s only one that people are ever on). And you always pretend you can actually get work done out there…



6. You know who someone has hooked up with even if you don’t know their name. Once in a while you make eye contact with them and think to yourself, “Oh my god I know so many things about you. Do random people know this stuff about me…?”

Liberal Arts - Hookup

7. Your school has a collection of made up sports that are more popular than your real sports. Because let’s be real, if it’s not D1, it doesn’t really matter.

Log Rolling. It's a real sport. Apparently...

Log Rolling. It’s a real sport. Apparently…

8. When you meet someone new, you look at them like they’ve just survived the zombie apocalypse. Because after the first week of freshman year, you kind of just assume you’ve met everyone.

Liberal Arts - Meeting Someone New

9. If you make a poor choice, it will follow you for the next four years. Chances are it’ll live right next to you next year too.

Liberal Arts - Regret

10. You’ve been to the president’s house on multiple occasions. You’re pretty chummy with their spouse too.

Liberal Arts - President's House

11. Everyone instagrams the same tree when it changes color in the fall. And don’t even talk about when the first snowfall happens.

This is the one I took.

This is the one I took.

12. You don’t declare your major until the end of your sophomore year, and only because they made you. “I guess I’ll just pick the one that I have the most credits in…”

Liberal Arts - Choosing a Major

13. Whenever a comedy group is performing it’s like national news. If you don’t go, you know you’ll never hear the end of “oh my god it was so funny there was meditation and then porn and then someone had praying mantis arms, it was hilarious, well I guess you had to be there.”

One time, our comedy group was national news. We didn't even know what to do with ourselves.

One time, our comedy group was national news. We didn’t even know what to do with ourselves.

14. When someone has actually heard of your school and you don’t have to say, “I go to ________________, it’s a small liberal arts school in ________________,” it’s the most exciting thing since Obama’s reelection. You have a minor conniption if they’ve even heard of the city it’s in.

You might as well go to SHIT, for all they're concerned.

You might as well go to SHIT, for all they’re concerned.

15. The captain of the soccer team is also the president of the knitting club and the secretary of student government. Because the ratio of overachievers to total population is 1:1.

Liberal Arts - Knitting

16. You can’t even hate anyone properly because at some point you get to know them well enough to see the good in them. You want to hate them so badly but then they did that really nice thing for your friend one time and it kind of makes you hate them more.

Liberal Arts - Hate

17. You know everyone’s siblings because they also go here. #legacylife anyone?

Liberal Arts - Siblings

18. Even the business majors who are on sports teams are double majoring in something like studio art. And then you feel like an underachiever for only having one major and a minor.

Liberal Arts - Double Major

19. In winter you don’t go to the gym because it’s too cold to walk there. Honestly, it’s just not worth it – you’d spend half your time there just defrosting anyways.

Liberal Arts - Gym

20. You know exactly who will be at every party, so you don’t go out. Because, let’s be real, it’ll just be a repeat of last weekend, and nobody needs that. What you need is a nice night in. And Netflix.

21. You have campus safety, not campus police, and you know them by first name. You also know which ones will yell at you and which ones will just tell you to pour out your drink and turn down the music.

You also know they won't believe you when you say "I wasn't testing it, I slipped and just grabbed the emergency button..."

You also know they won’t believe you when you say “I wasn’t testing it, I slipped and just grabbed the emergency button to catch myself…”

22. You know where to find everyone in the dining hall. And it throws off your entire day if the anime kids sit at the hockey table.

Liberal Arts - Dining Hall

23. The amount you go out and the temperature vary inversely with each other. Because short skirt + party < bed + hot chocolate.

Liberal Arts - Party in Snow

Many A Flannelled Friend

Last week my best friend came to visit me at school and at one point said, “You have many a flannelled friend.” This is the truest statement about my school’s style that I’ve heard in a while. It is basically impossible to go to a single class without seeing someone rocking the flannel. The only time flannel doesn’t often make an appearance is at parties, so I figured, why not put together some acceptable flannel party outfits? Just in case students need more time to wear flannel, here are my four favorite flannel going out styles:


15 Perks Of Living On An All-Girls Floor

Applying to college, I knew I would finally get the chance to reinvent myself – I no longer had to be thought of as the girl who always wore a ponytail with five thousand clips, or the girl who wore rock climbing shoes instead of actual shoes for a whole year, or the girl who was always just behind every trend. College was my chance to get away from who I was in middle school and be the stylish, cool, fun girl who went to parties and joined awesome clubs and had friends who were not just girls. All throughout middle school and high school I never had a group of guy friends. I thought college was time for that to change. When I got my housing assignment and found out I would be living on an all girls floor, I was not a happy camper. Not only did I not request an all girls floor, I very deliberately chose to be on a co-ed floor. When the option for single sex living popped up on my housing survey, I didn’t just look at it and think to myself, “you know, I’m kind of open to whatever,” NO, I thought, “Hell no, I am not about that all girls life.” Despite my annoyance, I did live on the all girls floor my entire freshman year, and I found that there were quite a few perks. Here is my list of reasons why living on an all-girls floor is surprisingly awesome:

1. It always smells good. Let’s face it, boys are gross. My floor always smelled like delicious shampoo and floral air fresheners. It was great.

Girls just smell nicer than boys.

Girls just smell nicer than boys.

2. When it’s that time of month, you never ever have to worry about running out. At the beginning of the year, they even put an entire box of free feminine products in our lounge. I stocked up so hard.

Tampons on tampons, amiright, ladies?

Tampons on tampons, amiright, ladies?

3. You don’t have to worry about what you look like. Chances are, the rest of your floor looks about as good as you do.

Want to walk around with your banana-avocado face mask on? Do it.

Want to walk around with your banana-avocado face mask on? Do it.

4. It’s usually pretty quiet. Girls often don’t want people messing up their rooms, so the rager count stays pretty low.

All Girls Floor - Quiet

Quiet hours mean silence is expected. My friends and I got campus safety called on us for studying in the lounge. Boy did they look confused when they came to yell at us.

5. The common areas stay nice and clean. People never left garbage in our lounge. Period.

Oh the joy of not having to clean up after your floormates.

Oh the joy of not having to clean up after your floormates.

6. Need something to wear for a night out? No problem, your floor is basically a giant walk-in closet. It is guaranteed that someone on your floor wears the same size as you and also owns adorable things.

When you combine all the clothes on your floor, you could probably open your own branch of Forever 21.

When you combine all the clothes on your floor, you could probably open your own branch of Forever 21.

7. There are no drunk, testosterone-filled boys to kick in the walls on the weekends. When I lived in a co-ed dorm my sophomore year, this was a weekly occurrence.

Seriously? Does it give you pleasure to prove your masculinity to the wall?

Seriously? Does it give you pleasure to prove your masculinity to the wall?

8. Floor Programs regularly consist of painting nails, decorating cookies, and talking about boobs. We had an entire program on breast exams where we got to play with fake boobs, talk to the nurse practitioners, and then decorate sports bras.

We decorated bras. Enough said.

We decorated bras. Enough said.

9. For the most part, you don’t have to worry about getting checked out in your own living space. Because what’s more fun than walking around in your ratty old pajamas and getting checked out, right?

Let's just avoid this fun objectification of our bodies all together.

Let’s just avoid this fun objectification of our bodies all together.

10. There is a high probability that at any given time, someone on the floor will be watching Friends. On more than one occasion, I was watching Friends in my room and I could hear the theme song coming from the lounge.

Friends = everything happy in the world

Friends = everything happy in the world

11. You don’t have to run into half-naked men when you don’t want to. This means that you don’t have to wait behind a boy in his boxers when you just want to fill up your water bottle.

If it's not acceptable for girls to do, it shouldn't be acceptable for guys either.

If it’s not acceptable for girls to do, it shouldn’t be acceptable for guys either.

12. You will always find someone willing to watch a chick flick with you. Sometimes you just need a night filled with romcoms and ice cream – other girls get that and need those nights too.

Watching romcoms on a comfy bed with a bestie vs. sitting on the floor watching boys play video games? I know which one I'd pick.

Watching romcoms on a comfy bed with a bestie vs. sitting on the floor watching boys play video games? I know which one I’d pick.

13. You won’t be made fun of for wanting a girly drink. Chances are, someone will even be able to make a really good one for you.

Why have shitty beer when someone can make you something delicious and pink?

Why have shitty beer when someone can make you something delicious and pink?

14. The number of nice nail polishes on your floor could easily beat any nail salon out there. Plus, there will always be someone willing to paint your nails for you if it means they can procrastinate their work some more.

OPI and Essie for miles.

OPI and Essie for miles.

15. You can do adorable things, like have tea parties. My suitemates and I had tea parties on multiple occasions. Sometimes we even had cookies to go along with our tea.

There is nothing better than drinking tea, watching the snow fall outside, and talking to your makeshift family (aka your suitemates)

There is nothing better than drinking tea, watching the snow fall outside, and talking to your makeshift family (aka your suitemates).

“I Know, I’ll Take A Meditation Class”


This is what happens to normal people when they meditate.

I mean, really, how hard can it be to meditate, right? Seems simple enough – you sit around and you clear your mind – it’s wakeful relaxation. I can totally do that. WRONG. Signing up for a weekly meditation class probably works better when you actually want to learn how to meditate. What have I learned through the course of the class? I’ve learned that I am just really bad at meditating. Usually when I tell people this, they tell me that it’s impossible to be bad at meditating. They are wrong. My class has about twenty people in it, two teachers, and zero motivation to stay awake. In the few cases when I have not fallen asleep while doing a sitting meditation or a body scan, I have been so caught up on how bad everyone’s sock-covered feet smell that I cannot “clear my brain” any better than one could clear one’s brain in a room that’s on fire. The one other possibility that I face when going into this two hour class is that I will worry about all the work I could be getting done in two hours and then by the time the class is over I am too tired to do it. I’m a mess. I think I just don’t really get it. I like to talk, I like to be around other people, I like to have things going on; I can’t wrap my head around emptying my mind and just being. Let’s face it, I just get bored. I think that meditation can work wonders for some people. I am just not one of them. Neither is my mother. She is participating in the same course back home and once in a while we talk about how much we struggle with it. Neither of us can or want to find the time outside of class to practice meditating, because we know it will just cause us to fall asleep. And don’t even get me started on the yoga part… “Great,” I think, “yoga, that’s way more my style. It’s movement and focusing on muscles and my body, I can definitely do this – this will be MY kind of meditation.” Wrong again. If you are a competitive person (like I am) then meditative yoga will probably not be your thing. You may find yourself far too caught up in how high you can lift your leg compared to everyone else in the class or making sure that you prove that you are the most flexible of the group to focus on your body movements. Just a possibility. I wouldn’t know from experience or anything. So what will I walk away from this class with? Two unopened meditation CDs, a better grasp of the concept of meditation, and a firm understanding that I will probably need to find other ways to relax and get in touch with myself.

This is what happens to me when I try to meditate.

This is what happens to me when I try to meditate.

Halloween All Week: Halloween Colors

Are you obsessed with Halloween? Throughout the next couple of days I’ll be posting outfits so that you can celebrate Halloween through your style all week! Hope you enjoy.
Halloween Colors


Sometimes Fires Happen…

Sometimes fires happen… and when they do, all sorts of funny comments get made. Because what better way to deal with scary things like fire than to make jokes about them? Tonight the apartment next door to me had a small-ish (serious enough that we all had to evacuate, not serious enough that anyone got hurt) fire, which, in turn, made all of their sprinklers come on, the fire department show up, and everyone and their mother’s houses get flooded.

While standing outside, waiting for Campus Safety and/or the fire department to show up (they didn’t catch on until we called them), the following things were said:

“Oh wait, it’s a real fire? I should go get my housemates…”

“I was right in the middle of ‘It Wasn’t Me!’ I wanted to listen to the rest of that.”

“It’s my fault, I left the stove on. And maybe the oven…”

Later, on the phone to campus safety:

“Hi, yeah there’s a fire and I can see the smoke and stuff, I think someone left something on the stove and it caught on fire…” “What does it smell like?”



Fire Trucks

When Campus Safety and the fire department showed up (approximately 15 minutes later):

“That fire truck just drove past us… maybe we should flag the next one down, taxi style.”

(Sarcastically) “So, like, can we go back inside now?” “NO! Nobody can go back inside!” “I was joking… I guess it’s not a time for jokes…” (Duly noted, fires=not a time for jokes)

“I told our neighbors they can put the stuff that got wet from the sprinklers in our house to let it dry out.” “They should just put it next to the fire.”

“We should see if any of the firemen are hot.” “I meet a lot of firemen on tinder, maybe I know one of them! Excuse me, do I know you from tinder?”



When we were allowed to go back inside:

“There is a flood in our kitchen.” “Give me the sponge, I’ll clean it up!” “… It’s a fucking pond, you’re gonna clean it up with a sponge?”

“Oh wait, I have a bucket!” “At least somebody came prepared.” “I’m sorry I didn’t come expecting a flood…” “Flood or zombie apocalypse, I got us covered.”

“Lady Campo just changed in our house and you missed it!”

“I really don’t think a towel is gonna work to mop up that lake. Anyone have a shamwow?”

When the people with the water vacuum came in (45 minutes after the fire happened):

“The emergency responders should be here soon.”

I’m sorry, what? EMERGENCY RESPONDERS, doesn’t that imply that they show up DURING the emergency? Where are they coming from, Albany?

Overheard from the water vacuum guy’s walkie talkie: “There’s water in the hillside apartments from a fire” “You’re fifteen minutes late, but thanks.”

Moral of the story:

Despite the jokes that got made, I did learn some very important lessons from this experience: never trust that Campus Safety or the fire department is going to show up just because they are supposed to; never leave the house without your phone; never leave a pot with oil on the stove and forget about it; don’t make jokes during fires (at least not loud enough for people to hear you); and NEVER leave your quesadilla on the table when there is a very serious threat of sprinklers.

Frequently Asked Questions (For Which I Remain Answerless)

 Ileana Middle School     Ileana College

             (This was me in middle school. #veryfirstprofilepic)                      (This is me now… I feel like I look a little older)

This question is posed in a variety of ways, but usually says the same thing: “So are you excited to be starting high school?”; “Are you in this b’nai mitzvah class too?”; “You’re in sixth grade right?” Let me just say the answer to all of these questions is NO. I generally go with the nice, “Oh, no, I’m actually going into my senior year of high school/freshman year of college/sophomore year of college/junior year of college. You’re thinking of my brother,” while on the inside I try to convince myself that we are in public and it would be inappropriate for me to claw your face off. I’m sure in a few years I’ll look back on this time and be jealous of people always thinking I was younger than I am, but, despite what all my parents’ friends and bosses tell me, I will not be persuaded that coming off as a middle schooler is EVER a good thing. Middle school is when everyone is going through their awkward stages – people have braces, try too hard to be cool, wear way too much Axe body spray, and are generally just failing miserably in the looks department. I do not want to be compared to these people! In middle school I wore brown goucho pants at the same time as I wore a brown monkey sweatshirt, for Christ’s sake – there’s a reason I don’t dress like that anymore!

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Oh, come on, you’re a college student, there is no way people actually ask you if you’re having a good time in middle school. It’s just not possible.” Ah, well dear friend, this is where you are mistaken, for I have done the so-called impossible. I have broken the boundaries of age! Clearly, I am a magician. Or just a very unfortunate college student. Probably the latter. You’re still probably skeptical so let me paint a little picture for you: The year is 2012. I have just completed my first year of college. It is the morning of my brother’s eighth grade graduation. My mom, my dad, my brother, and I are piled into the car on our way to drop him off before finding a parking space and some seats on folding chairs in his gym where it will be nearly impossible for us to see more than the tall kid sitting in front of my brother. Having been in situations where there is a plethora of middle school aged students before, I knew the inevitable was coming. “I swear to god,” I stated bluntly, “if one parent asks how I liked middle school, I’m going to punch someone.” My parents laughed. “Oh sweetie, nobody is going to do that,” my mother said confidently. “Just you wait,” I told her. After the ceremony, I, of course, was roped into helping my parents run the post-graduation party. It wasn’t long before the unavoidable question was asked. I was standing at the burger condiment tent with my mom when another parent came over and began talking to her. My mom mentioned that she had one student at the school and another who was in college. Then my mother turned to fix the tomatoes and the woman addressed me: “So are you excited to start at the high school?” My mother burst into silent laughter (the kind where your eyes start to water) and I shot her a death glare like none other. After I explained to the woman that I had actually already graduated from there a year earlier, she responded with the generic, “Oh, I’m so sorry! You know, I thought you looked a little mature (gotta throw that compliment in there) to be in middle school. I’m just no good at telling ages.” (The other varieties of this response are “Wow, no more wine for me” and “I’m so stupid! Of course you’re not their age, you’re much too beautiful.”) Yeah, bullshit, ladies. This problem is easily avoidable with a simple, “Where do you go to school?” I don’t understand what is so hard about that. Take a hint, all you people who can no longer tell when someone is in college or in middle school (it’s a 4 year difference at a time when physical change occurs rapidly, maybe you should get your eyes checked), just ask if you don’t know. Because next time it happens, I will probably not be able to contain myself, and your plate of nicely-cut-bat-mitzvah-reception-fruit is getting violently thrown on your hideous matching dress and sweater combo.

Fall Boots Under $100

If you are anything like me, you are totally addicted to shoes. Whenever I go into a shoe store, even if I don’t plan on buying anything, I HAVE to try things on. Even more addictive than shoes in general are shoes on sale. Over the summer I got a pair of Steve Madden studded heels for $20 and I felt like I had just won a marathon. I know this comes across as very materialistic, which it kind of is, but when you are passionate about the clothing that you wear and how you express yourself through your style, then fashion becomes an art. Especially for college students, I am all for finding affordable, trendy clothes. And when a trend is fleeting, why not buy the cheap version and get just the amount of wear out of it that you need? This is especially true for shoes – if you aren’t sure if a style is going to stick around, try out the cheap version until you know how much you’ll wear it. So, that being said, here are some great fall boots UNDER $100! I tried to find boots that ranged from combat to cowboy and riding to biker, so check them out and let me know what you think!
Fall Boots Under $100


American Eagle Outfitters tall back zip boots / Topshop black wedge booties / Report equestrian boots / Equestrian boots / Mix No. 6 mix no 6 boots / Barratts black boots, $65 / Dorothy Perkins lace up boots / Wedge booties / Aéropostale black booties / Steve Madden leather boots / Head Over Heels by Dune black fur boots, $79 / Forever 21 lug sole boots / Suede boots

Apple Picking

Apple Picking is by far my favorite fall activity. It is the quintessential act of autumn, along with going to a pumpkin patch and a corn maze. Apple picking is one of the reasons I left the west coast and came back east for college – it just feels right to be able to go out on a crisp fall day and walk around a muddy orchard picking out the perfect apples. Not to mention all the other fun things that come with apple picking – the apple cider that is freshly pressed, the apple pies, the cider donuts; basically everything fun and delicious. I look forward to the fall every year, and I always love taking pictures at the apple orchards with my friends. So, given that, I have put together a perfect outfit for apple picking. Its fun layered look will keep you warm in the cool air, and it is still comfortable and casual enough to traipse through the mud and climb through the trees. It’s not fall if there aren’t apples, so get picking!
photo - Copyphoto (These are some pictures I took while apple picking earlier today)
Apple Picking