7 Life Lessons I Owe To Robin Williams

Beautifully written.

Nathan Hancock


Robin Williams was a lonely overweight child who came up with different voices to entertain his young self only to one day entertain the world. He was one of the true geniuses of our generation. He was voted least likely to succeed in high school and I guess he got the last laugh. On screen he was an amazing actor– the only one I can think of who could make me laugh and cry during the same movie. In the real world off screen, he struggled with addiction and never found serenity. On Monday, he took his own life– a life that anyone would envy. But even a net worth of $50 million isn’t enough to protect you from one of the least talked about killers in the world today: depression.

If you need help, ask for it– and don’t be ashamed. If someone is asking for help, hear them– and don’t…

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Back to Life

Rachael Phillips

Back to Life

by Rachael Phillips

This song, Back to Life, was written by a dear friend of mine from the four months I spent in Cape Town, South Africa this year. Rachael and I spent an unforgettable weekend together in a township called Ocean View, and we continued to bond for the rest of the semester over our love of English, late night coffee, the University’s weekly jazz shows, and interesting people. I came across this song on her Facebook, and was amazed by its stunningly haunting quality. It is beautiful and thoughtful and I can’t wait to have it stuck in my head for the rest of this week. I hope you all enjoy!

13 Thoughts People Have When They Cut Their Legs While Shaving

Emma Stone

1. Doo da doo, shaving my legs, gonna try not to miss any spots this time.

2. Oooh my legs are gonna be so soft after this. I should remember to put on lotion.

3. Wait a second, why is the water red…?

4. SHIT. Am I bleeding??

5. How the hell did THAT happen? I didn’t even feel it!

6. Where is it even coming from?!

7. There’s so much blood. It looks like someone amputated my entire foot.

8. Whyyyyyy why why was this necessary. I did not need this.

9. Okay, I found the spot. It’s so small! Why on earth did is bleed this much?! I will never understand.

10. Time to administer the crumpled ball of toilet paper to my wound.

11. Now, ladies and gentlemen, I will perform the great acrobatic act of continuing to shower with my leg dangling out the side with a cute piece of toilet paper stuck to it.

12. Nope nope I’m definitely going to fall.

13. Ughhhhh I give up. Guess I’ll shave my right leg another time.