23 Things To Do Instead Of Getting Engaged Before You’re 23

“Because you owe it to yourself. You are a human being that deserves to thrive inside AND outside of a relationship.”
This is often too easily forgotten – this new year, vow to thrive inside and outside of your relationships, because you owe it to yourself.

Wander Onwards


As 2013 wraps up, I’ve been noticing more and more people getting engaged and/or married under the age of 23.

I get it.

It’s cold outside… you want to cuddle and talk about your feelings… life after graduation is a tough transition… so why not just cut to the chase and get married, right?  It’s hip. It’s cool. You get to wear clothing that wouldn’t normally be socially acceptable at the dive bar you frequent with the $5 beers.  Eff it. YOLO. YOMO! You only marry once…

Oh wait.

The divorce rate for young couples is more than twice the national average. Divorce is no longer a staple in a midlife crisis, but rather, something that SEVENTEEN Magazine should probably be printing on. Headlines could read,

“How to budget for your prom AND your wedding in the same year!”

“What’s HOT: Kids raising Kids.”

“Why your Mom doesn’t really…

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Ringing in 2014 With Style

As we all anxiously await the ball drop and the beginning of a new year, some of us are also trying to decide what we’ll be wearing to ring in the New Year with style. If you’re out of inspiration, check out some of the looks below and see if they catch your eye!

For the guys:

Men's NYE

Guys, New Year’s Eve is a great time to keep it classy! Whether you’re wearing jeans or slacks, an open blazer is always a great way to look relaxed and comfortable. Don’t forget to accessorize with a fun tie or some funky shoes!

For the ladies:

LBD    Sequins

New Year’s is a great time to pull out some crazy sequins, so why not go all out? If you’re not feeling the sparkles, go for a classic Little Black Dress and spice it up with some fun accessories! Need an adorable LBD for a price that won’t make you go broke before the New Year? Well then, check out Unwritten‘s new collection that is perfect for tomorrow night!

Casual NYE

If you’re doing something more casual for New Year’s Eve, or aren’t a huge fan of dresses, go for one of these more casual looks! Keep it flirty and fun and bring in the 2014 with a bang(in’ outfit)!

Jewels    Heels

Never leave out the accessories! Throw on some badass shoes and some glittery jewelry and you’ll be sure to snag a midnight kiss!

Check out where I originally posted this article, at http://readunwritten.wordpress.com/2013/12/30/what-to-wear-to-ring-in-2014/

NYE Playlist


Here are some of the top songs to play at your killer NYE party this year. Round out 2013 with some of the best tunes of the year and get yo dance on!

Harlem Shake – Baauer

Can’t Hold Us – Macklemore

Cruise – Florida Georgia Line

Wrecking Ball – Miley Cyrus

Roar – Katy Perry

Get Lucky – Daft Punk

Royals – Lorde

I Knew You Were Trouble – Taylor Swift

We Can’t Stop – Miley Cyrus

Wake Me Up! – Avicii

Holy Grail – Jay Z

Scream & Shout – will.i.am. and Britney Spears


I Love It – Icona Pop

Safe and Sound – Capital Cities

Come & Get It – Selena Gomez

Daylight – Maroon 5

Applause – Lady Gaga

One More Night – Maroon 5

My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up) – Fall Out Boy

Love Somebody – Maroon 5

Die Young – Ke$ha

Some Nights – fun.

American Girl – Bonnie McKee

Counting Stars – OneRepublic

The Other Side – Jason Derulo

Catch My Breath – Kelly Clarkson

22 – Taylor Swift

Best Song Ever – One Direction

Brave – Sara Bareilles

Still Into You – Paramore

Stay the Night – Zedd

Crazy Kids – Ke$ha

Burn – Ellie Goulding

Pompeii – Bastille

Timber (feat. Ke$ha) – Pitbull

Story of my Life – One Direction

C’mon – Ke$ha

Here’s to Never Growing Up – Avril Lavigne

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together – Taylor Swift

What To Wear To Ring in 2014

Check out this article I wrote for Unwritten here!


As we all anxiously await the ball drop and the beginning of a new year, some of us are also trying to decide what we’ll be wearing to ring in the New Year with style. If you’re out of inspiration, check out some of the looks below and see if they catch your eye!

For the guys:

Men's NYE

Guys, New Year’s Eve is a great time to keep it classy! Whether you’re wearing jeans or slacks, an open blazer is always a great way to look relaxed and comfortable. Don’t forget to accessorize with a fun tie or some funky shoes!

For the ladies:

LBD    Sequins

New Year’s is a great time to pull out some crazy sequins, so why not go all out? If you’re not feeling the sparkles, go for a classic Little Black Dress and spice it up with some fun accessories! Need an adorable LBD for a price that…

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9 People You Will See In The Airport

There it is - the college girl's airplane uniform.

There it is – the college girl’s airplane uniform.

There you are, sitting at your gate, waiting an ungodly amount of time to be allowed to board. You’re listening to music or browsing through the magazine you just picked up at that little store (where you also convinced yourself you needed yet another pack of gum), bored out of your mind. The intercom announces the many lost and forgotten items of the past few minutes – they include an iPhone that has a case with dancing men on it, a pair of black boots with buckles on them (and please, if you took navy boots instead, bring them back when you come to pick up your own), a small child in a blue shirt, and a brown belt (“If any of these items belong to you, please return to the security checkpoint to pick them up. We may or may not call Child Protective Services on you”). As you sit, you see and hear things you would never encounter anywhere outside the airport. You wonder why there is a man at your gate juggling, who on earth could have lost their child in the airport (come on parents, you had ONE job), and how you could possibly run into the exact same airport-goers every time you fly anywhere. Here are the top 9 people you will undoubtedly see in the airport:

1. The Gossiper: You all know this one – the gossiper sits in the middle of the gate, yelling into their phone about something completely irrelevant (think “did you hear that so-and-so is sleeping with so-and-so?” or “last week I had the worst stomach bug”). YELLING. This cannot be stated enough. When the gossiper’s phone conversation finally comes to a close, you have approximately 30 seconds to relax before they call the next most important person in their phone to tell THE SAME STORY. You make accidental eye contact with the person sitting across from you and you realize that you are not the only one who is having a hard time not banging your head against the wall.

2. The Nauseating Couple: There they are, nuzzling each other while you try your best not to vomit. Are they trying to win an award for the most PDA at any given time in the airport? Newsflash: this award doesn’t exist! The only thing you win is everyone around you awkwardly averting their eyes. I don’t even care if you’re newlyweds heading to their honeymoon… STOP making out in the chair next to me.

3. The Runner: If you haven’t been this person before, you can’t possibly understand the shame and anxiety that comes with being the runner. All you want to do is get on that plane and you know you have approximately one and a half minutes to get there. The airport you’re in also seems to have 83 terminals. I’ve always wanted to wish these poor suckers luck and give them a motivational high five, but I don’t want to distract them from the task at hand.

4. The First-Time-Flyer: The first-time-flyer is usually a complete mess. They have bags everywhere, too many articles of clothing, no idea where their boarding passes are, and don’t know how to navigate the various aspects of airport etiquette. The first-time-flyer walks on the wrong side of the automated walkways, doesn’t know when or how to put the green tag on their oversized carry-on, and gets in line to board three boarding sections too early.

5. The Frenzied Family: The two-year-old is frantically trying to watch the planes through the window, the mom is changing the infant’s diaper on a seat at the gate, the dad is prying the two-year-old from the windowsill while simultaneously trying to eat the peanut butter and jelly sandwich he packed at home that morning. Part of you wishes you could offer them help, but the other part of you wants to get as far away from them as possible.

6. The Outlet-Hogger: The outlet-hogger sits himself down by the outlets and plugs in everything he owns – phone, computer, tablet, everything. Your phone is on 7% battery, you still have another flight, you need a ride from the airport, and this d-bag is never going to leave the outlet. Awesome.

7. The Sleeper: This poor bastard has probably been in the airport for days waiting for their flight. At this point they have a blanket and a pillow and a metal seat bed. They even look like they’re actually kind of comfortable… Hopefully they don’t sleep through their next flight though.

8. The 5th Ave Fashionista: The worst place to come into contact with the 5th Ave fashionista is at security – they might look fabulous, but they take about three hours unzipping their designer heeled boots, taking off their layered Prada jackets, and untangling their multiple Tiffany necklaces. Otherwise the 5th Ave fashionista isn’t too much of a problem, other than stealing all the attention away from you and your designer… yoga pants…

9. The College Girl: You can’t miss the college girl because she has her airplane uniform down pat. She’s got her Pink yoga pants, her brown uggs, her college sweatshirt, and her messy bun. Her iPhone is attached to her hand and she’s got her pastel-colored Pillowpet tucked under her arm.

Honorary Mentions: The Juggler, The Sports Fanatic, The Stand-Byer, The Unaccompanied Minor, The CEO-Asshole, The Yoga-Doer

Do Guys and Girls Want Different Kinds of Relationships in College?

“Skidmore has a population of complacent men and sad women.”

The Ugly Truth

How often do we see this stereotype perpetuated?

For a Social Research Methods class that I was in this semester, I and three other classmates spent the fall conducting a sociological study on whether gender affects what people look for in relationships. How often do college students hear about their friends hooking up with someone they don’t know and regretting it afterwards? For many of us, this is a weekly occurrence. And, as a girl, most of my friends feel that the “hook-up culture” doesn’t let them find the kinds of relationships they are actually looking for. Too many of my friends, who are beautiful, intelligent, funny, kind girls, are too often settling for whatever they can find (which, in many cases, is an array of douchebags, dickheads, and assholes). I once heard about a guy who referred to a girl he was hooking up with as his “Saturday night pu**y”). This is why guys get a bad rep. Because there are some assholes out there who ruin it for the rest of them – these assholes are just more vocal.

So, is there actually a difference between what guys and girls want? Do guys just want to hook up? Do girls always want emotional attachment? These are the questions we were trying to answer with our research. Check out the rest of the study here:

We were testing the pre-established stereotypes that exist around gender that assume specific roles for each gender. We expected our results to be aligned with these stereotypes – that men would look for sexually-based relationships and women would look for romantically-based relationships. We also thought that men would be more willing to have casual sex and random hookups than women. Additionally, we thought that women would be far less optimistic than men, based on our prior knowledge of the female population and the sex ratio (60/40, women/men) at Skidmore. This is what we found:

Gender Study - 60,40We studied a total of 66 participants, 41% male and 58% female (one participant did not report their gender). Conveniently, the respondent’s gender demographics pretty accurately represent Skidmore’s sex ratio.

Gender Study - Romantic Relationship

One of the questions on our survey asked about the type of romantic relationships people were looking for. The results, as shown in the graph above, were very telling – an overwhelming majority of each gender said they were looking for emotional attachment and romance, although men were more likely to choose the “any of the previous” option. Using this data, we concluded that men and women are both looking for consistent romantic relationships (which was not what we had hypothesized).

Gender Study - Sexual RelationshipIn a similar question, we asked what kind of sexual relationship people were looking for. The results of this question reflected the results of the previous question – both men and women were looking for consistent sexual encounters with one individual, though the percentage of women who chose this option was slightly higher than the percentage of men.

Gender Study - Life Partner

What is shown in the graph above is that women felt much more strongly than men that they would not find a life partner at Skidmore – men were much more neutral.

Gender Study - OptimismOne of the most telling results dealt with how optimistic people felt about finding what they were looking for. As illustrated by the graph above, women did not feel nearly as optimistic as men. Most women responded “disagree” and most men responded “agree” to the statement “I feel optimistic that I will find what I am looking for.” Another result showed that 65.8% of women have not found what they were looking for in relationships, while only 48% of men have not found what they are looking for in relationships.

Gender Study - Sex Ratio

Additionally, women felt that the sex ratio affected them very negatively or negatively, while men felt either neutral or positive.

Perhaps the most telling statistic we found was in response to the statement, “I feel that casual sex without emotional attachment is something I would enjoy.” 44.4% of men agreed with this statement, while only 14.8% of women did.

In the end, we concluded that, despite what the stereotypes might say, men and women do look for similar relationships in college. However, men are more flexible – this means that they are generally less unhappy with what they can find. Finally, we also found that despite the general sense of pessimism among Skidmore students, they have not lost all hope. SO, guys and girls out there, don’t lose hope. Girls, don’t worry, not all guys are just looking for random hookups – don’t give up! And guys, don’t be the douchebag who perpetuates the stereotype – be the gentleman we all know you are.

Here’s a related article: http://www.hercampus.com/school/yale/are-guys-and-girls-actually-emotionally-different

I’m A Master Procrastinator


Welcome to finals week, everyone. Here I am, in the library with the rest of… well, everybody… pretending to be productive while everyone else actually gets work done. Oops. So, to make myself feel better, I’m going to provide you all with some great ways to procrastinate studying as well so I’m no longer the biggest slacker. You can all slack off too! Here are some of my favorite ways to procrastinate:

1. Make a dope (yes, I did just say dope) studying playlist. http://grooveshark.com/ is a great place to start.

2. Look at some puppies. http://www.buzzfeed.com/jessicamisener/the-most-adorable-puppies-of-2013

3. Also some cats. http://www.buzzfeed.com/ariellecalderon/the-most-awkward-cats-of-2013

4. Buzzfeed has an entire section on animals. Goodbye, studying. http://www.buzzfeed.com/animals

5. Brush up on your fashion knowledge. http://www.collegefashion.net/

6. See what’s going on at your school according to http://www.hercampus.com/

7. Get inspired by http://www.upworthy.com/

8. Pretend you’re doing work by watching some TEDtalks. They will actually make you smarter, you just won’t be getting anything done… http://www.ted.com/

9. Watch some hilarious Improve Everywhere videos. http://improveverywhere.com/

10. In a Shakespeare class? Watch these guys kill it on stage and learn your Shakespeare in a jiffy. Not in a Shakespeare class? Still watch them. http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx48mVIrdTzuKXHB6phetlQ

11. Research totally irrelevant things. Want to know where peanut butter & jelly sandwiches first appeared? Who invented the tilt-a-whirl? Is there really a difference between 1% and 2% milk? http://www.wikipedia.org/

12. Finish that season you started a few days ago on https://signup.netflix.com/

13. Laugh inappropriately loudly in the library at these: http://www.hulu.com/saturday-night-live

14. Text ALL your friends to see if they’ll study with you. Then facebook message the rest of your friends who you aren’t quite as close to. When they can’t come, start over at number 1 on this list again.

14. OR, do as I’m doing and write some blog posts…

Not into any of these ideas? Well, you can always go back to stalking yourself on facebook for the… 6th time today.

Totally and Completely Inappropriate Ways to Break Up With Someone

Breakups are always hard (yeah, I would know, because I’ve had soooooo many of them… I’m lying, I haven’t actually had any). No matter what, dealing with rejection sucks. It makes you feel unwanted and unloved and it always hurts. But it’s a lot worse when the breakup comes in an unexpected, inappropriately uncalled-for way. Here are some totally and completely inappropriate ways to break up with someone:

Break Up - Phone

1. Over the phone. It is never okay to break up with someone over the phone. The only exception to this is when it is a long distance relationship and over the phone is the closest you can get to in person. Breaking up with someone over the phone is a cop-out. It is saying that the other person isn’t even worth enough of your time to see them in person. It doesn’t matter how hard it is to break up with someone face to face – it is important to see the heartbreak in their eyes and know the consequences of your actions. Don’t even get me started on leaving a breakup voicemail.

Break Up - Text

2. Through a Text. This is exponentially worse than over the phone because it’s so easy to just “forget to respond” and leave the other person feeling lost, insecure, and full of questions. Plus, it’s almost sure to be full of typos and grammatical errors – saying, “yo its over. im breaking up with u,” is NOT okay in any world.

3. In an Email. In high school, I had a friend whose boyfriend of over a year broke up with her on New Years Day in an email that read, “Hey, I assume you know it’s over. Have a good year.” He later tried to say that it was a joke. Bad move, buddy, bad move. Making jokes on the first day of the month only applies to one month – April. Why someone would ever think that an email breakup is a good idea is beyond me.

4. As a Long, Drawn-Out, Never-Ending Saga of a Breakup. Don’t drag it out forever. Don’t pull the summer-after-senior-year let’s-break-up-but-still-hook-up deal. Chances are it’ll mean one thing for one person and an entirely different thing for the other person. We all know it’s no fun to think something is going somewhere and then find out the only place it’s going is in the garbage. Just make it easier for everyone and have a clean break; it works best for bones, it’ll work best for you.

5. At the Beginning of a Family Vacation. Yes, because this is a good plan. Either both you end up going on this family vacation and are miserable and awkward the entire time, or you don’t go and the breakup-ee (we’ll pretend that’s a word) feels like shit and spends vacation curled up in their bed overeating and cuddling with their pillows. Pick your poison, friends.

Break Up - Sex

6. Right After Having Sex. What this breakup says is “I don’t really care about you anymore but I can use you one last time for my physical pleasure.” Which is basically like saying you don’t value this person at all and are using them solely for their body. Which never feels good, and thus is ALWAYS a dick move (this is genderless, it would still be a dick move if a girl did it).