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What NOT To Say To Someone Struggling With Mental Illness

Under The Labels

By: Ileana Paules-Bronet

Trigger Warning: This piece features phrases regarding mental illness that may be upsetting for some readers.

People experiencing mental health issues have usually heard some sort of insensitive comment from a friend, family member, stranger, or even medical professional regarding what is going on inside their mind. The point of “Under The Labels” is to work toward minimizing the stigmas surrounding mental illnesses, mental disorders, and other mental health issues. Often, people don’t even realize that what they are saying is insensitive; a variety of people who have experienced an insensitive or offensive comment about their own mental health have shared some of the insensitive comments they’ve heard below:

  • “Oh, stop being so dramatic!” – My mother, all the time
  • “Come on, how many therapists have you been to?” – A soccer coach of mine, in front of my team. He also called me ‘psycho’ instead of my…

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Learning To Cope: 33 Ways We Find Comfort

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Under The Labels

By: Ileana Paules-Bronet

When dealing with mental health problems, people find comfort in a variety of things. From eating specific foods to cuddling an old teddy bear to getting a hug from a certain person, we all get through our mental health issues in different ways. Below, people who struggle with their own mental health issues share what they find comfort in when they are struggling with their mental health.

  1. Hugging a pillow, stuffed animal, or other soft object.
  2. Yoga
  3. Holding ice in my hand
  4. I live near a river, it’s nothing particularly scenic but it’s usually pretty quiet. When I feel my depression take over and I feel numb, I lace up my running shoes and jog along the river when it’s dark. It makes me feel my breathing, feel my legs sting, feel the cold air on my face. It gets all the frustration out and I can…

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Anxiety Is Broader Than Just “Social Anxiety”

Hiding, Boy, Girl, Child, Young, Box, Hole, Torn, Eye

Think about the word anxiety – what do you picture? Someone afraid to talk to others, too shy to speak up in public? When many people hear “anxiety,” they translate that to mean “social anxiety.” While social anxiety is a very prevalent form of anxiety, anxiety itself is is much broader. As people have begun attempting to destigmatize mental health issues, it has become clear to me that many individuals mistake general anxiety for social anxiety. As someone who suffers from anxiety that is actually eased by social interaction, I wanted to explore the definitions of different types of anxiety to amplify awareness.

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