Musical Therapy: Amazing Songs To Help You Find Peace

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People suffering from mental illness and other mental health issues often turn to music for comfort. Many musical artists are able to relate to people on a visceral level, which can be very helpful for people struggling with their mental health. Musical therapy is a proven form of help for those who need it.

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Anxiety Is Broader Than Just “Social Anxiety”

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Think about the word anxiety – what do you picture? Someone afraid to talk to others, too shy to speak up in public? When many people hear “anxiety,” they translate that to mean “social anxiety.” While social anxiety is a very prevalent form of anxiety, anxiety itself is is much broader. As people have begun attempting to destigmatize mental health issues, it has become clear to me that many individuals mistake general anxiety for social anxiety. As someone who suffers from anxiety that is actually eased by social interaction, I wanted to explore the definitions of different types of anxiety to amplify awareness.

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