Huffington Post: Anxiety

Three years ago this week, I cried over the prospect of eating a grilled cheese sandwich. I couldn’t do it. I was constantly exhausted, I fell asleep in class, and the list of things I felt like I “couldn’t” do was endless. My anxiety was the most severe it has ever been in my life. This is also when I started writing. I typed notes and stories into a Word document – by the end of the year it was 40 pages long. When I was feeling brave, I read some of the stories to my roommates. A year later, I started Sometimes I Wear Tiaras. It’s easy to remember all the things my anxiety took from me, but it also gave me my voice. In my three years living with diagnosed Generalized Anxiety Disorder, I’ve found my voice. I’m so proud that my second piece for Huffington Post is about my experience with anxiety. And for everyone out there living with diagnosed or undiagnosed mental health disorders: “You made it through yesterday, you made it through today, and you can make it through tomorrow. Be brave. I believe in you.”


One thought on “Huffington Post: Anxiety

  1. Ludmilla says:

    Sounds absolutely harrowing! It’s wonderful that you feel well enough – and brave enough – to be able to speak about it, and share with others, so that we can all be more informed and compassionate!

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