Feminist Fairy Tales in Fifty Words or Fewer (Part 1)

My most recent brain blast was a few days ago in the shower, when I realized that all the mothers in fairy tales are dead, all the step-mothers are evil witches, and all the daughters are naive girls who need a man to save them. I’m far from the first person to realize this, and certainly not the first to comment on it, but as a writer, I knew I had to share my opinion on it. Instead of just ranting about the gender inequality illustrated in fairy tales (that we share with our children at very young ages), I decided to take on a new project: Feminist Fairy Tales in Fifty Words or Fewer. Below are my first two, Snow White and Cinderella – they are adaptations of the traditional fairy tales (as we grew up with them – a.k.a. generally the Disney version, though I did research many of the other versions as well).


FFFF Snow White


FFFF Cinderella


One thought on “Feminist Fairy Tales in Fifty Words or Fewer (Part 1)

  1. paparadu says:

    ‘….I am pro gender fairness (but not ‘equality’, because man and woman cannot be equal, based on (biological) facts. And it’s good that there are distinctions.). But as a gymnastics teacher (man) who works 18 years now in the field (sports club, sometimes schools), and valueing girls (with their interests and desires) just the same as boys (and their specific tempers and characteristics), I was very successful in bringing some respect into the gender thing. On both sides! (In our field we can contribute pretty much.)
    Because if boys have enough space and opportunity to physically power themselves out, we have less over-aggresive boys. Only as schools try to get the boys to just sit down and be passive, it brings about more agressive behaviour.
    Makes sense?

    And by the way:
    If ‘gender equality’, or ‘gender switch (?)’, as some seem like to wish for (actually I guess for many it’s just about who has the power/who is on top!) then you girls have to hand us men all tiaras, and henceforth we will see only men with tiaras. No more girls with tiaras!
    In order to thoroughly contribute to the solution of the gender problem, please give away also your tiara to a (preferably bearded) 2-meter man, because men also want the same rights.

    I love your site, by the way. Cool stuff you have in there. Always refreshing to read.

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