Coachella Doesn’t Need to Define Your Summer Style

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For the past few years, Coachella has probably been the most influential event of the year for summer fashion. Photos of celebrities wearing flowy dresses, floral crop tops, and boho headgear have plastered our Pinterest and Instagram feeds, telling us what outfits are in for the coming season. Let’s be real, how many pictures like these have you seen in the past week alone? I’m going to guess more than ten.

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Music festivals are all the rage, and Cochella’s popularity has turned it into a worldwide fashion event. I’m so obsessed with the amazing photos that come out of Coachella that I’ve even looked at tickets (until I realized they’re basically the same price as an entire college education). The tumblr-ready outfits seem light, colorful, and perfect for summer, but they just don’t work for everyone. Not everyone can throw on a loose white dress and look like Bella Thorne; some of us end up looking pregnant and pale (I totally don’t know this from experience). That being said, Coachella does not need to be our only summer style inspiration.

With so much fashion inspiration in magazines and on the internet, how is it that Coachella seems to be the most influential? Stores like American Eagle even have “festival” sections on their websites, advertising all the clothing you need for your next music festival (that seems crazy to me). So if loose, flowery, hippie-style clothing doesn’t suit you, you may feel totally out of luck when it comes to looking cute for the summer. Don’t worry though; there are plenty of other places to look for summer style (that offer significantly less fringe and crochet). If you generally try to channel Zooey Deschanel or Beyoncé over Vanessa Hudgens when it comes to your clothes, then searching Instagram for #coachella pictures probably isn’t going to do you much good (other than make you jealous of everyone who can rock itty bitty lace shorts).

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When the warm weather finally comes around, it’s hard not to get caught up in the fun that is music festivals, but the fashion doesn’t have to follow us in our daily lives. For inspiration that does not scream Woodstock, use New York Fashion Week as your go-to source. Instead of following celebs on Instagram, follow your favorite designers and models – this will give you a much broader scope of the trends you should be rocking this summer. And don’t worry if you can’t pull off the three-foot wide floppy hat – nobody can.

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