Senior Year: Myths and Realities

It’s the end of senior year, and I’m finally kind of coming to terms with the fact that I’m graduating from this wonderful place (at the same time, I’m also totally devastated). Anyways, I thought now would be a great time to share my wisdom on this past year in the form of myths and realities about senior year:


Myth: You’ll take a really easy class schedule and have lots of free time to hang out with friends.
Reality: You’ll realize you actually have a bunch of classes to take to finish your major/minor/graduate on time, so you’ll be completely swamped with work and only ever see the people you live with.

Myth: You’ll go to bars with your friends on weeknights, since you’re all legal.
Reality: You’ll drink wine alone on your couch, watching Netflix and pretending to do homework.

Myth: Your professors will understand your senioritis and respect the fact that you don’t want to do work ever.
Reality: They’ll say things like “This is a 300 level class, you knew what you were getting yourself into.” UGH.

Myth: You’ll be great at time management, now that you’ve had four years of practice.
Reality: You’ll tell yourself, “It’s okay if this assignment is late, I turned in the last one on time.”

Myth: Your sex life will flourish.
Reality: You spend most weekends in bed with your teddy bear.

Myth: Freshman 15.
Reality: Senior 15.

Myth: You’ll have a job by graduation.
Reality: You won’t.

Myth: On the off chance, you don’t get a job, you’ll be totally okay with it.
Reality: You’ll cry to your mom, your boyfriend, your professors – basically anyone who will listen.

Myth: You’ll be really excited about graduation and finally being done with college.
Reality: Well, you will be, but you’ll also cry about it regularly.

Myth: You’ll realize that despite the hardships, the work, and the fights with friends and parents, these were four incredible years.
Reality: Nope, this myth is true.


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