16 Stages of Finals

1. A week before your exam, when you feel like you have all the time in the world.

i got this

2. When all of a sudden the test is in two days.

when you realize the final is in 2 days

3. So you open your books, but you’re immediately bored.

but as soon as you open your books you're already bored

4. And when someone asks you if you’re ready for the test?

when someone asks if you're ready for the test

5. But then they suggest going out…

when people suggest going out

6. And the next morning, you wake up with regret and a pile of work.

and then the next day

7. So when you finally roll out of bed at an early 2:00 pm, you load up on coffee.

so you load up on coffee

8. You gather your friends.

you rally up your friends

9. And you head to the library.

lose motivation five minutes later

10. You feel like everything is finally going the right direction.

you think you're doing well

11. Until you print your paper and you notice a spelling mistake.

when you finally print your paper and find a spelling mistake

12. And suddenly everything is wrong and you can’t believe you didn’t pay attention all semester and now look what you’ve gotten yourself into and you convince yourself you’re going to fail out of college and your parents will be so disappointed that they’ll disown you and you’ll have to live on the streets and beg with (grammatically correct) cardboard signs and hope that people will take pity on you and buy you a coffee once in a while to remind you what the good old days of college were like. So you sit on the floor with your ice cream and cry.

at some point you have a complete emotional breakdown

13. You decide that outfits like this are socially acceptable.

you decide that outfits like this are socially acceptable

14. And at midnight the night before the exam, you finally get your shit together.

you finally get your shit together. at midnight. the night before your test

15. And when the test appears on your desk hours later, you decide there’s nothing you can do except leave it to the higher powers.

and eventually you leave it to the higher powers that be

16. As soon as you turn in the paper, you find the closest place where you can finally lay down and sleep.

and then you take a three hour nap

Good luck, everyone. You got this. And if you don’t, just remember that nobody else does either.

And finally, to quote Shakespeare, “Doomsday is near; Die all, die merrily.”


5 thoughts on “16 Stages of Finals

  1. jcolemarrow says:

    I don’t think I have ever read a post that so accurately describes my life. I literally listen to Jesus take the wheel before ever exam and before I hand in any big assignments. LMFAO

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