Life Updates


For anyone out there who wants to know what is going on in my life (hi, Mom), I figured I’d update everyone on my life (specifically journalism-related). A few months ago, I emailed people at The Saratogian (Saratoga’s local newspaper) to inquire about an internship. Two weeks later I met with the city editor who offered me a position as an intern for the spring. So, starting in January I will be a newspaper intern at The Saratogian!

saratogian 2

In case that wasn’t enough on top of my 12 credits and on-campus job (as well as the three blogs I write for regularly), the current editor in chief of Her Campus Skidmore is graduating early, so I am taking over for her as EIC! I was just officially accepted for the position by Her Campus nationals, so I will also be taking on that role in January.


And finally, a few weeks ago I was in a restaurant with my best friend, complaining to him about how Saratoga Springs is a difficult place to be looking for magazine internships, when a woman interrupted us and told me she worked at Saratoga Living Magazine and that they often hire interns for pay. I met with her last week to discuss the possibility of interning there and began today. On that note, my first day was great! I was only there for two hours, but I was able to go on a run to a local business to have them proof an article about their products and then I wrote photo captions and did edits for an article that is going into the holiday issue of the magazine. I’ll be working there once a week until next semester, when I’ll start picking up more hours.

sl sl1 sl2

I will also hopefully be meeting with editors from the Huffington Post and the Daily Beast in the near(ish) future to get advice on the industry and how to break in.

Well, there you have it! My journalism life in a nutshell. Stay posted for more updates!


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