10 Things People Love About The Fall That You Should Totally Hate

I truly do not understand the obsession with pumpkin-flavored things. But I love apple picking.

Is this why I'm still single?

1.) Pumpkin Flavored Everything

Okay, what’s the deal about gourds? Pumpkins are for jack-o-lanterns, not for flavoring lattes and Oreos. I mean I get it- pumpkin pie is good or whatever. But Pumpkin Spice Lattes are so expensive and overrated and taste like asshole (not the good kind).

2.) Apple Picking

Apple Picking is NOT fun. That’s why we have people work minimum wage to collect them for us! Like the only reason people enjoy apple picking is because we wish we weren’t such pansies/didn’t spend all of our time indoors.

3.) Sweater Weather

Sweaters are cute. But like who the fuck actually likes the cold? Also, if you wear sweaters every day of the fall you’re either a useless hipster, an obnoxious homosexual or a plus sized girl who tries to overcompensate for her insecurities by overdressing.

4.) Football

Because there’s nothing worse than watching girls who know nothing…

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