5 Life Lessons From Miley Cyrus

miley 2

At this point, most people know that I am a huge supporter of Miley Cyrus. My love of Miley is not unwarranted. She is an amazing, spunky, weird young woman, and I love almost everything about her. Miley has stirred up a ton of controversy by just being herself, but she is a role model for Generation Y-ers everywhere. Miley Cyrus’s decisions and life choices have been scrutinized all over the media, but she has taught me a ton of things about how to live my life.

1. Go after what you want. Miley Cyrus never stands in the background waiting for her life to happen. When she didn’t get the role of Hannah Montana the first time she tried out, she auditioned again, not taking no for an answer. Chase your dreams – they won’t come find you.

2. It’s okay to grow up. People are upset that Miley didn’t maintain her “wholesome Disney image,” but blaming her for growing up is not fair. She grew up, cut her hair, changed her style, and became even more beautiful than she ever was before.

3. Don’t be afraid to be you. Obviously a fan like myself follows Miley on Instagram, but what I’ve noticed about Miley through her social media is that she is never afraid to embrace her weirdness. She wears silly clothes, takes makeup-free selfies, and shares pictures that are important to her. Never hide your personality – be you.

4. Don’t judge others; be open to differences. Miley has a tattoo of an equals sign on her ring finger, symbolizing her belief in marriage equality. Beyond that, though, she brought a young homeless man from Salem, Oregon to the MTV Video Music Awards with her this year. Miley doesn’t discriminate against people who are different and stigmatized by the rest of society – we should all learn from Miley’s openness and acceptance.

5. Embrace your sexuality. Miley’s clothing and dancing are a harmless public show of sexuality. She has a beautiful body, a vivacious spirit, and a fun attitude – expressing that in her physical appearance is just her way to share that with the world.

In case you didn’t pick this up by now, Miley is my idol. I think a lot of people are intrigued and captivated by Miley Cyrus but are afraid to approve of her. Miley fans, come out of the woodwork – no shame in loving Miley. She rocks.


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