Skylar Kergil and Finding Happiness

My freshman year of college, Skylar Kergil was a sophomore and a peer mentor for my friends’ freshman seminar. He was artsy, cool, and confident. My sophomore year, I was a tour guide and I attended “Everyday Leadership Training.” A panel of students spoke about their experiences, both positive and negative, about being leaders. Sklyar told a story about dealing with his gender identity. This was the first time I found out he was transgender.

Now, I don’t know if Skylar even knows who I am, but his story has always interested me, ever since that day in August of 2012. Today, I saw this Upworthy video posted by some fellow Skidmore students, featuring none other than Skylar Kergil. I watched his video and was awed and astounded by his story. We can all find inspiration in Skylar’s story – to be ourselves, to be brave, and to find our happiness. I’m honored to know you, Skylar – keep being amazing.

Check out the following links:

Sklyar on Upworthy.

Skylar’s WordPress Blog.


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