The 10 Types of College Relationships

Is This Why I'm Still Single?

College relationships can be really confusing. After being in a committed relationship for a long time I really never knew all the gray areas in relationships. Becoming single in college was definitely a rude awakening for me. I’ve learned that there are several different types of relationships that exist. Tie in texting/social media/binge drinking and that only complicates things more. So with that said, I’d like to take some time to reflect on the different relationships that exist in college and what they actually mean.

1) Hooking Up

“We’re hooking up” is a phrase that can be complicated. Some identify hooking up as fucking while others just take it as any type of sexual relations. Typically, I see it as the latter. Although hooking up can include sex, I don’t think it necessarily has to. After my dad asked me if I was going to “hook up” with a friend…

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