How to Get a REAL Job in College

Open Campus 1

Sick of the ole internship model where you spend 3 months getting coffee for the CEO’s production manager’s marketing specialist’s assistant for a salary of $0.00? Join Open Campus, where you’ll be doing REAL work in your area of expertise, getting paid for it, and building up your resume.

Open Campus 2

This groundbreaking website is student-created, student-run, and built using their own resources. According to the website, “Open Campus is an online community that expertly targets and easily connects students to jobs based on experience level, skill set, and location.”

People all over have work they need done and students have the skills and motivation to do these jobs! Just look at this sketch and imagine how many of these jobs you’d be able to do if they were offered to you! Open Campus wants to put YOU in touch with these businesses.

Open Campus 6

Entrepreneurs and Skidmore students themselves, Marcella Jewell and Ezra Levy built Open Campus to connect the talent they saw around them on campus to the need they saw in the community. Now they’re trying to grow from their current hold over New York’s Capital Region to a larger population of students all over the country.

Open Campus 3

So now instead of looking for sketchy Craigslist jobs, or frantically searching Google for nanny jobs in Europe, you can be treated as you should be – like the talented, hardworking adult that you are. Open Campus focuses on the idea that students are an under-utilized group of people who deserve jobs that don’t undermine their skills. Open Campus offers job opportunities to students who want to be respected for the work they excel at. This website is aimed at students who want to utilize their social media skills, interpersonal capabilities, and time management strengths; Generation Y has so much potential – Open Campus wants to show that to the world!

To find more information about Open Campus or to sign up and find/post jobs, check out the following links:



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