7 Things I Regret

1. The number of times I’ve washed my sheets this semester…

2. Not noticing how amazing my boyfriend is earlier.

3. The amount of money I spend on coffee.

4. How seriously (a.k.a. not seriously at all) I took my classes this semester.

5. Not having more shows on my iTunes (I can recite all the ones I have word for word).

6. Making out with someone I didn’t want to because I felt like I “should.”

7. Not giving chances to the guys I should have and giving too many chances to the guys I shouldn’t have.

I’m not somebody who lives with very many regrets, but these are some of the few I have. I also believe that it is better to regret something you did than to regret something you didn’t do (I didn’t come up with that myself, for the record), and sometimes I have to remind myself that it might be a worthwhile experience, even if you regret it. Stay posted for more things I regret.


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