I just realized that I never posted photos or updates about my trip to Johannesburg, so here are some of the photos of the weekend trip I took there. It was a Friday-Sunday trip with 10 other CIEE students and two CIEE advisors and it was totally amazing. We went to a lot of monuments and museums and ate some delicious African food (I tried chicken feet!). These are the photos from the trip:

In Soweto:

Cape Town 1680

An Adorable Zulu Dancer in Soweto:

Cape Town 1686

Mandela House in Soweto:

Cape Town 1688

Freedom Park:

Cape Town 1693

Cape Town 1697

Cape Town 1696

Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria:

Cape Town 1699

Cape Town 1705

Cape Town 1711

The Nelson Mandela Monument at the Union Buildings in Pretoria:

Cape Town 1719

Cape Town 1722

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