The 12 Awkward Moments You Can’t Avoid When You’re In College

“You met this person the first week of school, during one of those brutally uncomfortable orientation events where you’d be like “where are you from,” and they’d be like “Rhode Island,” and you’d be like “that’s a state”, and they’d be like “I know, does this mean we can say hi to each other?” “

Thought Catalog


1. The Post Makeout Encounter

The person you recently endured a mildly disappointing dance floor makeout with is on the other side of the lawn. It’s too late to change course without it being obvious — a few more steps in your current direction, and you’ll brush right by each other. Do you: 

  • A. Determinedly stare at your phone
  • B. Look slightly away, hating yourself
  • C. Date for 14 months

2. The Collective “Not Doing The Reading” Shame

“I know you didn’t do the reading, but I’m gonna act like I assume everyone did. And then revel in the fact that you guys are all really uncomfortable right now.”

– Professors

3. The Mistaken Wave

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When your girlfriend is across the street, it’s generally a great move to wave to her — a slightly obnoxious, yet overall loving method of letting her know that you’re thrilled…

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