20 Stages of Study Abroad


1. If I hear one more adult tell me “oh my goodness that’s going to be incredible, it’s such a beautiful and interesting place, you’re going to have the time of your life, I wish I’d gone abroad in college, so tell me how you decided that’s where you wanted to go,” I’m going to kill someone.

2. Shit… I leave in three days, I guess I should pack now.

3. Am I really about to spend four and a half months in a country I’ve never been to before? What am I doing?! Well, too late, I’m already on the plane.

4. Well, this is definitely not America.

5. Nope, I do not speak that language. Say it again, only much, much slower.

6. Oh my god I can buy alcohol here!  Partayyyyyyyyyyy

7. Jet lag + hangover? Not the best plan.

8. Wait, you mean I actually have to go to class? I don’t get to just explore and spend my days eating food and going to museums and living life? I did NOT sign up for this.

9. Okay, so I can definitely skip a few classes to go to the beach, right?

10. This is my favorite place on the planet. I’m never going home. Never.

11. You mean to tell me that I can’t Skype my mom? On the day I want to? Why is the internet so struggley? I know it’s a first world problem, but now I’m sad. This is bullshit.

12. Dear mom and dad, please send sustenance. I need Kraft Mac&Cheese and peanut butter and Girl Scout Cookies.

13. I should probably try to make it to some of my classes. There’s no way my attendance record would fly in the states.

14. Can I go home yet?

15. I never thought I’d say this, but I miss America.

16. Hold up. When did schoolwork happen? Shit.

17. What do you mean I only have a week left?! Ahh! In order to remember how important this trip has been, I have to buy everything – souvenirs and gifts and pictures and paintings and art and I might as well get a tattoo while I’m at it right?

18. Here I am, on the plane. I think I might cry. I’m not even really sure why… I’m sad to leave and happy to go home and I’m just totally overwhelmed by all the feels.

19. Home sweet home! I think it’s time for me to overdose on ‘Murrica. I need Starbucks, ASAP. And Target. I need to go to Target immediately. While I’m at it, a Walmart trip could be a nice reminder that I’m really home. Please don’t bother me while I spend all my time browsing the internet with my 3G. I need to buy things in bulk. I need to be confused by only having green dollar bills. And I need to watch a Friends marathon while I eat a burger and listen to Sweet Home Alabama. Right now.

20. So I’ve been home for two weeks. Can I go back now?


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