Trending: Is Coachella More Important to Fashion than NYFW?


New York Fashion Week is often regarded as one of the most influential fashion events of the year. This is when designers debut their styles for the next season and the rest of the world gets a peek at the clothing that is to come! But… how often do we really actually see what happens at NYFW? Sure, the Style section of the New York Times may do a feature on it, some fashion blogs may post about it, and there may be some highlights of runway walks on television, but is this REALLY the most important fashion event of the season? I’d argue that music festivals, specifically Coachella, are more important to fashion today than NYFW is.

In this day and age, social media is EVERYTHING. In an effort to see which has more influence, I looked up the hashtags “Coachella” and “NYFW”/“New York Fashion Week.” Check out the results:

Coachella insta nyfw nyfw2

So at least as far as instagram is concerned (and it’s obviously the only reliable source of information…), Coachella has NYFW beat by a landslide.

Coachella Fashion  (

Now, of course, I’m not saying that Coachella has more influence over the fashion world than NYFW, but it definitely has more influence over college students. At least directly – I’m remembering that scene in The Devil Wears Prada where Miranda Priestly tells Andy that her blue (cerulean) sweater was specifically chosen for her by the very people in that room, so maybe indirectly NYFW still has more of an impact on us than we give it credit for.

But when is the last time you saw someone you know (one of your friends or favorite celebrities, maybe) blowing up their instagram with pictures of their clothes the way they do when Coachella rolls around? Or when is the last time you based your outfit on one of the models at NYFW? Probably never. But I bet you can name something you own that you first saw on Selena Gomez or Ashley Benson in one of their numerous Coachella pictures.

If you absolutely love the boho-chic style that comes with music festivals, here’s some outfit inspiration for this spring!

Music Festival Fashion

Some other fun styles to try this spring/summer: paintbrush prints, lace, leather, denim combinations, bold florals,  harem pants, boyfriend jeans, pastels, and faux fur.


One thought on “Trending: Is Coachella More Important to Fashion than NYFW?

  1. Ruth2Day says:

    If I’m very honest the only real interest for me is seeing which celeb is on the front row, and whether Anna Wintour has managed to change her hairstyle yet.

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