10 Thoughts People Have After Dropping their Phones in the Toilet

Wet Phone flickr

These are the thoughts that rush through your head at about a mile a minute after that fateful “plop.”

1. That wasn’t my… no, it couldn’t be… it’s right here in my pocket….

2. Shit shit shit it is NOT in my pocket.

3. I don’t want to turn around.

4. Oh no, there it is. My poor little phone, drowning in the toilet.

5. Don’t worry, phone, I’ll save you!

6. Oh my god what have I done. Why on earth did I just stick my hand in the toilet? This was a terrible idea. Am I really that attached to my technology that I had to stick my hand in pee-water?!

7. It still works! Totally worth the pee on my hand.

8. Okay now how do I dry this off?

9. Step 1: Hand dryer? Gotta make sure it’s dry… Step 2: Hand sanitizer. Step 3: Does the battery of this damn phone come out? I think I’m supposed to take that out or something. No? Okay well I’ll just shake it to make sure all the water comes out. Step 4: Does anybody have some dry rice…? Step 5: Alert everyone on Facebook that I have dropped my dear phone in the toilet and will therefore be effectively living in the 1950’s for the next few days.

10. No phone… I don’t know how to live… What did people do to avoid awkward situations before they had cell phones to pretend to be busy on?


(featured image via flickr.com)


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