How to: Fun Day


This is a note I sent to my freshman mentees from last semester:

Fun Day is approaching and I wanted to wish you all good luck (but like really, it’s a thing). In the spirit of making sure you guys have guides to important Skidmore-y things, here’s SkidmoreUnofficial’s guide to Fun Day:
Let me stress a few key things:

1. WEAR SUNSCREEN. This is not a drill. It was a long winter. I know you are all pasty white. This is not the day to decide you want to tan. When you wake up for dinner and stumble your way to dhall for French Fries, the last thing you are going to want is your skin to be the color of the sweet potato fries you’re struggling to keep down.
2. You’re going to think you can rally. You can’t. As soon as you fall asleep on the green and then somehow wake up in your dorm room at 8 pm disoriented, hungover, and confused as to how you made it to your bed (thank your friends for that one), you’re going to come to this realization yourself. You WILL have a friend or two who meet you at dhall and say something stupid like “guys, I heard Bloomfield is happening!” Don’t listen to them. First of all, it probably isn’t happening, because the people who live there are just as hungover as you are, and second of all, on the off chance it is happening, the other 6 people who have decided to rally will make it through one beer and realize how hard it is to keep it down. Just watch some Netflix and crawl your way to spa at 10 pm for some more greasy food.
3. Actually do your work before Saturday. You’ll plan on doing this, but then get distracted by Fun Day thoughts and outfit planning and other things that are going on and end up thinking to yourself “it’s okay, I’ll do it Sunday.” No you won’t. The end.
4. Don’t be a dick if you see a tour go by. Those poor tour guides are already spending their Fun Day giving a tour to unsuspecting parents. Do not throw your red solo cup in the air and yell “Come to Skidmore, it’s like this every Saturday!” This may or may not have happened to me.
5. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE watch out for your friends. There will be a lot of drinking, a lot of smoking, a lot of passing out, and a lot of vomiting. Make sure your friends are okay.
6. Don’t go out on Friday night. That would actually be the stupidest thing to do. Go to bed early, wake up early, eat breakfast, and drink your mimosas. Don’t try to drink the night before. There won’t be parties and you’ll just end up looking lame drinking alone in your dorm room. Don’t do it.

Okay, so basically just follow these six rules and the ones outlined on the guide linked above, and you’ll be a happy camper. Or at least a drunk camper. Oh well. And HAVE FUN! It is Fun Day, after all.


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