Attempting a Healthy(ish) Week


Do you ever have one of those weeks where you feel constantly run-down, have trouble getting up for class/work at 8 am, and survive the day solely on multiple rounds of coffee? Every day, you say? No way! Me too! Let’s just say that last week I didn’t make it to a single one of my 8 am classes AND I had trouble staying up until 11:30 pm every night. It was a struggle. I’m not sick and I haven’t had crazy-extensive amounts of work or emotional stress, so I really have no excuse. With that in mind, I’m trying to figure out what the hell was wrong with me last week and trying not to let it happen this week.

I think I’ve read somewhere that eating unhealthy foods can make your body run a little slower, so I’ve decided that this week, my goal is going to be eating healthier. As a friend pointed out recently, being an ex-gymnast means that I usually don’t think about eating healthy food – I grew up eating whatever I wanted (an entire pizza, for example, was not out of the question) and not having a problem with it. Well, as much as I might not want to admit it, I have now been classified as an ex-gymnast for four years (god, it hurts just to write that), and thus, it has been about that long since I have had a serious consistent exercise regime. I’m a pretty fit person, but it’s only due to my fast metabolism from daily 5-hour workouts four years ago.

So where does that leave me? Well, basically it leaves me trying to buy more vegetables and pretending my pants only feel tighter because I haven’t worn them since I last did laundry (note: I haven’t done laundry in… well, I’m 98% out of underwear, let’s leave it at that). So, resolution: As my Facebook status read yesterday, This week, I’m going to eat healthier. Step 1: Stop eating donuts for breakfast every morning. This, coming from someone who generally runs under the motto “every pizza is a personal pizza if you try hard and believe in yourself” is a big deal. But I’m dedicated. I’m going to eat more fruits (yesterday I bought a big bag of apples and a thing of mango (that I already finished) and vegetables; I’m going to attempt to eat less sugar; I might drink tea instead of coffee some days; AND I’m going to cook more and eat out less. Maybe I’ll even exercise.

Fruit Salad

Check back in at the end of the week to see if I’ve made any improvements over the course of the week! Today, I went to my 8 am class AND I didn’t have a donut for breakfast. So far, so good.


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