20 Things Everyone Thinks During Skype Interviews


1. Alright, here we go, I’m so ready for this.

2. Okay, internet, any time now.

3. Oh god, oh god, oh god, I have 3 minutes and my internet STILL won’t connect.

4. Fucking internet! Why now? Why me?!

5. I might as well just assume now that I’m not getting this job. Connecting to the internet is the easiest part of this interview. She’s going to think I’m late, irresponsible, and incompetent. There is no way I’m getting this. I might as well stop trying now.

6. Oh, okay. Right, had to press ‘connect.’

7. So… where is she? We did say interview at 3, right? I should check my email.

8. Yes, definitely 3:00. But… it’s 3:10, so… I’m definitely connected to the internet, right?

9. This is my fault. I know it. She was probably on a few minutes early and because I wasn’t there, she logged off.

10. Oh hey! She sent me an email! “Running a few minutes late, sorry.” Okay, good, so it’s not my fault.

11. Alright, but now it’s been half an hour. This would definitely not be acceptable if I were late.

12. OHMYGOD it’s ringing. How many rings do I wait?! I don’t want to seem too eager, but I want them to know I’m excited about this opportunity!

13. “Hi! It’s so nice to finally get to talk to you.” Oh no, what did I just say? She’s going to think I was being rude because I said “finally.” I’m screwed.

14. Okay, I think this is going alright. Keep breathing, keep being you. You got this.

15. That was the worst response ever, I cannot believe I just said that. Let’s hope the internet cut out or something and she didn’t hear that.

16. Oh my god is she writing things down? I should just bow out now.

17. She better not ask me to stand up or she’ll be able to tell I’m not wearing pants.

18. Wait is that it? Do I have any questions? Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Come up with something! Stop sitting here like an idiot and ask her something!

19. Solid. Okay, it’s done. I can go pee now.

20. I definitely hung up, right? She can’t still see me?? I’ll just close my computer for good measure.


(image: flickr.com)


101 thoughts on “20 Things Everyone Thinks During Skype Interviews

  1. whereuthinkurgoin says:

    Haha – Nailed it! I conduct interviews via skype because I recruit remotely… and I feel this way everytime as well!! Even down to having to pee right after, lol. I wish I had the pantless problem – but my boss says they are required.

  2. kali says:

    I never really got the concept of Skype/ over the phone/ group interviews. I would rather do it in person one on one to get a feel for what the person is really like and see what the environment of the workplace feels like to make sure I would really like to work there.

  3. freya91 says:

    Does anyone else spend the majority of their time on Skype looking at the little small box in the corner to see how YOU look and not actually paying attention to the other person?

  4. andiesuedonnelly says:

    So true and amazingly written, I am sure I have thought of all of these things, being not only the interviewee but the interviewer and YES I have Skype interviewed someone while in bed with only a shirt on.
    Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  5. laughingranny says:

    I don’t think its’s sad at all. There are some very good reasons why companies do this. In my case, most of my clients are overseas, so I have to do them fairly often. I do prefer meeting people directly, but when there’s a distance of 1000 miles and you can’t be there in person, it’s a fantastic, money-saving solution. Most of mine have been done without video. I’ve been using a webcam for years and feel very comfortable with it now – pretty much like using the telephone. But I can understand why people feel uneasy about it and more self-conscious.

  6. mrsjacoby19 says:

    That was halarious!!! It’s crazy, because I’d definitely be thinking…Did the call really disconnect. Lol, loved the one about being dressed from the top up!! Lol Great Post!! :)

  7. pauljennynyc says:

    I had a Skype interview once for a position in the US while I was living in the UK and the connection was so bad, I couldn’t understand a word anyone was saying, so I just smiled and said “yes” a lot. Then they asked me if had a skill that was never mentioned in the job posting and I got all confused and didn’t know what to say and then they just said, “thank you” and hung up. Needless to say, I didn’t get the job.

  8. lncdubai says:

    This is a really great post. Made me chuckle thats for sure. In Dubai we use skype for interveiws alot, as the majority of people applying for the position are outside of the country. Thank for the laugh.
    Blogging from dessert.

  9. sirlewisofclarke says:

    I thought this was brilliant, very relatable. I teach English in Thailand and have done a few Skype lessons. Awkward is an understatement! Most of the time the internet’s bad so they can’t hear you anyway. I swear most of my students only ever learned the phrases “Sorry, i can’t hear you”, “I think we have a bad connection” and “Let me hang up and call you back and see if that works”….

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