You’re Definitely from Eugene, Oregon if…

Eugene - Sign

  • When you tell people where you’re from you follow it up with “It’s two hours south of Portland” or “You know the book One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest?…” or “It’s where the University of Oregon is… no…? It’s two hours south of Portland.”
  • You know that the Civil War is so much more than part of America’s history.
  • You know the difference between IHS and Classic without having to ask what IHS stands for.
  • The Ducks are everything.

Eugene - Ducks Logo

  • When you get to the gate at the airport that finally takes you your last leg home, you’re sure to see at least half the people wearing UO paraphernalia.
  • You know to lock up your front wheel AND the rest of your bike when you leave it outside… and you can just hope for the best as far as the seat being there when you come back goes.

Eugene - Bike Lock 2

  • Someone in your family works at/studies at/went to the U of O… because otherwise why would you live in Eugene…?
  • You know nobody wears dresses to homecoming.
  • Every piece of athletic wear you own is Nike.
  • You have very strong feelings about the floor at Matthew Knight Arena.

Eugene - Matt Knight Arena Floor

  • You never use an umbrella (see
  • “Black tie affairs” really mean maybe it’s time to whip out your Dansko’s instead of just wearing your “newer Birkenstocks” (I really don’t want to talk about the problems you specific Eugenians will face when you go somewhere other than Eugene and try to make this look work… Spoiler Alert: It won’t).
  • Everyone from your dentist to your high school English teacher has seen you less-than-dressed at the Oregon Country Fair.
  • You know the easiest way to pass Frog on the sidewalk is to tell him you already have all the joke books (which you do).

Eugene - Frog

  • You know what it means if someone asks “if you’re camping” when July rolls around.
  • You know how long someone has lived in Eugene by what they call Market of Choice/Price Chopper/PC Market.
  • You know Aaron Honn.
  • You can’t even with Springfield. But you will fight to the death convincing someone that it is the true Simpsons Springfield. Because it is.

Eugene - Springfield Simpsons

  • If you don’t buy at least one gift at the Holiday Market each year, it hasn’t been a successful holiday season.
  • Deciding what food you want to eat at Saturday Market is the hardest decision of every week… and every week you get Pad Thai from Bangkok Grill anyways, so you’re not really sure why you try to convince yourself to get something else every week.

Eugene - Bangkok Grill

  • You call/called your teachers by their first names.
  • Prince Puckler’s ice cream is the only ice cream that matters.
  • One of your friends adamantly complains about Dutch Bros not being “real coffee” because it was originally a milk company or some bullshit but it doesn’t really matter because you’re still going to get your small blended annihilator with a pink straw every day and they can just shove it.

Eugene - Dutch Bros

  • You feel really out of place not being outdoorsy.
  • You know that there are really only two seasons: Construction (a.k.a. summer) and Rain (a.k.a. everything else).
  • There is no doubt in your mind that Track Town, USA is a really special place to live.

Eugene - Track Town


8 thoughts on “You’re Definitely from Eugene, Oregon if…

    • Andrea says:

      OMG yes…I used to work for Oasis, and then after it got bought out by Wild Oats! I so miss being in Eugene…..

  1. Gin Ridge says:

    I was under the impression that “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” was primarily filmed in Salem at the old mental institution in NE part of town. (I’ve lived in both cities.)

    • Michelle says:

      “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” is a book by Ken Kesey, who grew up in Eugene. He came up with the book while working night shifts at a mental institution and also tripping on hallucinogenics that he volunteered to experiment. There’s interesting history to his life as he’s a pretty big countercultural figure.

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