21 Things Every Camp Counselor Knows

Summer Camp

Being a camp counselor is awesome, awkward, and a large part of every high-school/college student’s summer life. Whether you love or hate being a counselor, there are some things that every counselor learns in their time as part of the coveted position of being on the camp’s “staff.”

Camp Counselor

Every camp counselors knows…

1. That there is always a runner. The trick is to find him on Day 1.

2. There is an infinite amount of counselor-cest… a.k.a. all the inter-counselor sex.

3. It’s better to just let the campers think they can keep secrets from the counselors than to let them know you know things about them that they don’t even know about themselves.

4. Who their favorite camper is.

5. Who their least favorite camper is.

6. Far too many personal details about other counselors.

7. Which campers have to pee in the middle of the night. Every night.

8. How to deal with homesickness. God the homesickness.

9. Which battles are worth fighting – Getting up because you “need a drink of water” five minutes after lights out? Maybe not. Sneaking into someone else’s bed at 3 am? Yeah, maybe we’ll have a talk about that one.

10. How great having a CIT can be.

11. How sometimes having a CIT can just be like having another camper. Because that’s what we all need. ANOTHER camper.

12. That glitter should not exist. I think most people know that it’s the herpes of art supplies, but counselors get the joy of showering at the end of a long day, only to find glitter in… unsettling places.

13. That the staff t-shirt is the bane of your existence every day at camp, but once it’s over it’s like your security blanket.

14. That camp is the happiest place on earth. Not Disney World. Summer camp.

15. The last-minute scrambling that comes whenever the rain comes.

16. The euphoria that accompanies every/any staff party.

17. You can wear the same thing every day and nobody will care. Because it’s camp.

18. There is a fine line between being a pushover and a dictator. Whichever side of that line you decide to sit on is always the wrong one.

19. That the contract should include the clause “Working under extreme conditions of sleep deprivation is a given. Deal with it.”

20. When the campers cry the last day, it’s nothing compared to the mix of elation, devastating heartbreak, and general overwhelming combination of all the feels that the counselors feel when leaving each other.

21. That each and every summer, no matter what, there’s no place better than summer camp, and that’s why we’re still coming back.


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