10 Things We Should Stop Giving People Shit For

Love these. But seriously. They’re true.

Is This Why I'm Still Single?

Messing around with people and giving them shit is part of my style. It’s all done in good taste though. Joking around is one thing but we seriously need to stop giving people shit for certain things.

1) Not having an iPhone

I’m so sorry that not being able to send emojis/group chat/etc. is such an inconvenience for you. Guess what? It is for me too so you can stop giving me shit about it.

 2) Liking One Direction

We all need to stop this. Their music is catchy, they’re all hot, and they’re not assholes. These are the type of people you shouldn’t mind that young girls to listen to…or girls who are 21…like me.


3) Choosing not to go out/on vacation because you don’t have any money

No I can’t go to Cancun. I spent all my money on textbooks. I can’t even go out to the…

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