On the Daily

My daily life here in Cape Town, SA as a student at UCT.

You're Off to Great Places

School has now officially been in session for a few weeks, so I thought it was due time for me to update you all (sorry about not posting in a while, I would say it’s because I’ve had a lot of work and I’ve been too busy appreciating life in Cape Town, but it’s really because I just got lazy). I’m enrolled at the University of Cape Town like a regular student – CIEE doesn’t do our own classes for just American students, which I am really appreciating. I’m taking four classes – Intro to Linguistics; Poverty, Development, and Globalization (er… I mean Globalisation); Word Power (a combination of classics, linguistics, and English, mostly…); and Modernism, which is an English lecture with a seminar on the side (mine is “Hemingway and Hamsun”).

School has been fun, and so far it is significantly less work than I have at…

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