Things to Do Before You’re 23: Divorce?


Recently the internet has been abuzz with thoughts on what people should and shouldn’t do before they’re 23. On one end of the spectrum, we’ve seen calls for getting passports and traveling the world; on the other end, the to-do list has included disappointing your parents and blowing all your money on nights at bars that end up in a bed with some unknown person. While we all probably have our own opinions on these specific articles and on how people should spend their early twenty-something years, I would chance a guess that nobody would put “getting a divorce” on their list. Yet, a recent article published on Unwritten highlights the things one girl learned from being divorced at 22.  This article is beautifully written and does not focus on regret or ‘what ifs.’ Of the four articles I am referencing specifically, this is by far the most eloquent and open-minded. The other three have their own merits as well, but from a reader and fellow blogger’s perspective, I am overwhelmed at the poise and grace this writer has in dealing with a topic that is so difficult and near to her heart.

This article claims advice about love, but the advice the author gives is relevant to everything we do. The writer, Taylor Duvall, lists ten lessons she learned from love – lessons we can and should all think about in our daily lives:

  1. Life will offer second chances.  We can (and should) take life up on the offer.
  2. People’s responses to our life choices will often surprise us. Luckily, surprises make life interesting. 
  3. Weddings should not break the bank or break your back.  That is too much breaking for an event that lasts a few hours for a marriage that may or may not last much longer.
  4. We have the right to change as human beings.
  5. Plans can fail. That does not mean the planner failed.
  6. We do not need to defend our choices to every single dissenter.  Some people will just never approve.  We can beautifully survive lack of approval.
  7. Find time to really laugh from your gut and to really cry from your depths.  Bottled up emotion is a ticking time bomb.
  8. Life will keep teaching.  We just need to keep listening.
  9. Never give fear enough power to stop you from doing what you should be doing.  Feel the fear; do it anyway.
  10. Chaos and peace are not mutually exclusive.  Peace is not found in the absence of chaos, but in the midst of it.

What do you think? Do these lessons shed light on a failed marriage or a successful person? You can find the four articles below, please check them out:




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