Ways to Make Your Hostel-Mates Hate You


Planning on spending any time in a hostel in the near future? Here are some sure-fire ways to make your hostel-mates despise you!

  • When you go into the room at 3 am, turn on all the lights and talk really loudly.
  • Then proceed to wake up at 6 am and again, talk very loudly.
  • Use your hostel-mates’ things. They definitely won’t mind.
  • Buy them drinks at the bar, but be super creepy about it.
  • Unplug their electronics.
  • Spend hours in the single communal bathroom.
  • Wake them up in the middle of the night to introduce yourself to them.
  • Leave the door open in the morning, when everyone is sleeping.
  • If they get out of bed to close the door, make sure to open it again.
  • Come back to the hostel extremely drunk every night.
  • Don’t ever shower. Share the body funk.
  • Invite yourself on other people’s excursions.
  • Put your bags all over the room. Particularly on others’ beds.
  • Eat other people’s food. They probably want you to eat it.
  • Walk around the room naked; it wont make anyone uncomfortable.
  • Flicker the lights in the middle of the night; convince people it’s a strobe light.
  • Go outside and drag mud/sand/dust back into the room with you.

(photo courtesy of hostelolomouc.com)


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