7 Things to Do Alone in a Hotel Room

So you’re alone in a hotel room. Maybe it’s your first time and you’re about to go somewhere new and exciting; maybe you’re a veteran traveler whose flight got cancelled and you’re stuck in a godforsaken hotel that the airline will actually pay for. Either way, here are some good ways to pass the time while you’re alone in your hotel room:

1. Watch Law and Order: SVU. Maybe on multiple channels at once. This is something to do always, but especially when you’re alone at a hotel.


2. Order room service. A lot of room service.

3. Jump on the bed. Or both beds, if you’re lucky enough to have two.

Cape Town 044

4. Eat as much vending machine junk food as you want.

5. Use all of the outlets.

6. Pee with the door open.

Peeing with the Door Open

7. Use all the shampoo and conditioner in those tiny bottles without worrying about saving any for anyone else.


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