15 Stupid Things We Need To Stop Doing

Is this why I'm still single?

1. Jumping into the shower without checking the temperature of the water.

Because what says “Good Morning” better than getting sprayed by water hotter than the fires of hell.

2. Giving yourself 5 more minutes of sleep instead of getting out of bed when your alarm goes off

When you get up on time you can go about your morning activities without any unnecessary stress. And every time you don’t get up on time you end up leaving your apartment looking like a mole person.

3. Justifying buying an outfit or article of clothing you don’t need by saying you just got paid.

Oh it’s totally cool I’ll just spend a week’s  paycheck on pre-ripped jeans.

4. Telling yourself you’ll only take a 5 minute “Facebook break” while studying for an exam.


5. Surrounding yourself with people you can’t stand.

I don’t like how I act…

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