Sunburn: 1, Ileana: 0

You're Off to Great Places

It’s day three! I am absolutely loving it here in Cape Town. This is 100% the most beautiful place I’ve ever been in my entire life. The city is gorgeous and perfectly framed by the mountains and the ocean. It’s incredible.

Okay, so part one of my trip was the flight. It was actually not as terrible as I was expecting it would be – I watched a bunch of movies, slept a lot, and got really confused about the time. The run through the Johannesburg airport was hectic and a little overwhelming, especially when a man wouldn’t return someone’s boarding pass if we didn’t pay him… that was fun. Anyways, we finally got to Cape Town and got to sit in the airport for two hours.

The first few days of orientation have been crazy; it feels like freshman year all over again. I moved into my flat, which…

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