Proof That Cosmo Has the Dumbest Flirting Tips Ever

Solid flirting tips, Cosmo…


Alright, how many times has this happened to you?  You’re at a bar—or a house party, or a frat basement, or whatever.  You see a cute guy across the room.  He can still stand and talk coherently, he doesn’t have his hand down his pants, and he isn’t peeing into a trash can.  Score!  You decide that you’re going to get him to talk to you—because of course he has to initiate it.  Duh.  So you saunter over, find a good friend in the vicinity (say, somebody that you had class with 2 years ago and haven’t spoken to since), and strike up a conversation, making sexy eye contact with Cute Seminormal Guy the whole time because that’s GUARANTEED to make him come over, right?  And he……..starts macking on some other girl.  Or macking on some other guy.  Or peeing in a trash can.  Awesome.

Or how about when you

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