Pale Person Probs


1. People telling you “oh my god, you’re so pale.” Wait, really? Yesterday I was so tan. Do you think I didn’t notice my paleness? Thank you for pointing it out though.

2. Sunburns.

3. Showering after getting a sunburn.

4. Sleeping after getting a sunburn.

5. Sunscreen. SPF 100 anyone? Also, why haven’t they created sunscreen that feels and smells like lotion yet? There’s no way it can be that hard to do…

6. Not being able to wear white. Because… you know… it clashes with your skin.

7. Looking like a vampire if you ever wear red lipstick.

8. Freckles and foundation.

9. Trying to find concealer/foundation/face powder that’s the right color… “Fair” and “ivory” are just not the same as white.

10. Trying to wear light pink.

11. Dark eye makeup. Eye shadow or black eye? You’ll never know.

12. People being confused about whether or not you’re wearing white tights in the winter. Nope, those are just my legs.


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