Jon Bellion: Next Big Star

Jon Bellion

I was recently introduced to the musical talents of Jon Bellion – you probably were too, although you might not know it. A good friend of mine played one of his songs for me the other day and I was instantly in love. If you’ve heard Eminem and Rihanna’s recent song, “The Monster,” then you’ve also heard his music; Jon Bellion wrote the hook for that song, which, honestly, was my favorite part before I even knew about him. Bellion is sexy, silly, extremely talented, and only 22 years old. If you check him out on YouTube, you can watch him creating his music – for the most part, he does all the parts of his music himself. He plays the music, does the claps, makes the noises, and sings; it’s pretty incredible. His song, “The Wonder Years” is available on iTunes, but if you want to check out my favorite song, “Dead Man Walking,” you can find it here:

Here’s his Facebook page and website if you like what you hear:


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