Doctah Harley: The Cutest Vine Star in the World


While spending a few days visiting my friends at Skidmore before going abroad, one of my friends showed me some Vine videos of a cute little boy and I instantly fell in love. Over the past three days, I have probably spent about three hours watching videos of this kid and I’m still not done. Whenever I need a pick-me-up, I know that Harley Phillips is the fastest solution. In seven seconds, he and his dad, Ben, will make you laugh, smile, “aww,” and learn about health (from Doctor Harley, one of Harley’s many Vine personas). Buzzfeed did a piece about Harley as well, which can be seen here: And obviously, if Buzzfeed says it, it has to be true: Harley is the cutest three-year-old Vine star you’ll ever see. Check out Ben and Harley here (and say goodbye to the next hour of your life):

(Or, if YouTube is more your style, you can find them here:


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