The 5 Guys Every Single Gal Will Date

An accurate representation of the hardships of dating that isn’t about “that douchebag guy” doing something to break your heart – take a look at the article, and then take a look at yourself… Have you dated these guys and had the same problems? Don’t blame the guy – sometimes the situation just isn’t right.

Single Gal Starting Over

I noticed a pattern when I’m single. I noticed that there is definitely a pattern in the guys that I date before I find a relationship. For better or for worse, these are the guys.

  1. The Guy That Is Totally Wrong For You
    I  usually know I’m fooling myself, I’m fully aware. And I think by now my friends know that, so I stopped getting questioned when I date the guy that’s 7 years younger than me and has no clue what he’s doing with his life. They appreciate that he’s adorable and gush with me about how hot he is. Then we move on, and change topics.I probably don’t sleep with this guy because I know that would be a waste of time. But I go out with him a few times, maybe drink a little more than I should, and have a lot of fun.I don’t know why…

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