How to Survive a Hella Long Flight

Here’s an article I wrote for my study abroad blog, I thought it was just going to be study abroad-related, but I ended up kind of loving it. Check it out!

You're Off to Great Places

It’s opener, out there, in the wide, open air.”

-Dr. Seuss


So I, like many of my fellow CIEE Cape Town-goers, am flying directly from JFK in New York City to Joburg (Johannesburg). One flight to get from the US to South Africa sounds great, right? Right, until you realize that the flight is SEVENTEEN AND A HALF hours long. Let me just say that again so it really sinks in. Seventeen and a half. Yep. If you thought that sitting in class for an hour and twenty minutes was long (like I often do), welcome to hell. While I’m really excited to get to South Africa, I’m a little bit worried that I’ll die of boredom and butt-falling-asleep-ness on the flight there. Also, it’s not as though I’m a newbie to long flights; I usually end up on six hour flights from the east coast to the west when coming…

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