Best Friend Dates for the Single Gal

Whether you’re still on winter break, or just starting up classes again, what better way to spend your time than hanging out with your best girlfriend? Check out some great best friend dates here:

Love Actually

1. Chick Flick Marathon – Snuggle up on the couch, grab some popcorn, and get comfy. You and your bestie should each pick out your favorite chick flicks and romcoms and settle in for a long night of sexy men and unrealistic love stories.

Lady and the Tramp

2. Messy Dinner – You know those dinner dates where you order the least messy food so you can stay cute the whole time? This is not going to be one of those occasions. Pick the messiest food you can think of (spaghetti with extra sauce, giant burritos, etc.) and share it with your best friend Lady-and-the-Tramp-style. Feel free to wear napkin bibs, and if you’re feeling gutsy, eat with your hands!

Mud Mask

3. Spa Night – Head to a local pharmacy and pick up some fun and easy spa treatments – think mud masks, peels, etc.! Or, if you’re feeling really crafty, make your own! Lather up your faces and exfoliate to your heart’s content.

Shopping Spree

4. Shopping – Guys (almost always) hate shopping. So while you’re single (and loving it), go shopping with your BFF! You know each others’ style better than anyone else, so help each other out and end the day with a fashion show in your house!


5. Exercise – If you’re one of those girls who dreams about working out but struggles to get off the couch and away from that “Say Yes to the Dress” marathon, grab your best friend and hit the gym! You can keep each other motivated and push each other to your limits. After your workout, hit up the closest smoothie place and rehydrate with something delicious!

Slumber Party

6. Slumber Party – Just like when you were 10, the best thing to do with your best friend is to have a slumber party. All the previous BFF dates can be combined into this one for an amazing 48-hour experience. Other slumber party hits include baking cookies (or making cookie dough and eating it before it gets to the oven), drinking mocktails (or cocktails), and talking until the wee hours of the morning.

Single girls everywhere, whether you’re lonely or lovin’ it, spend some time with your BFF and forget about all that other stressful stuff you have going on!


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