15 Guys From Harry Potter And Whether Or Not You Should Sleep With Them

Love this.

Thought Catalog

1. Harry Potter

Harry would mean well in bed, he really would, but being the adventurous little scamp he is, chances are good he’d also try to get really ambitious and wild without thinking things through. That move you saw in a porn flick? Harry would try it in the heat of the moment and fail to factor in the physicality that such moves demand, leaving you both sore, strained, and resembling overextended human paperclips. Still, starved for attention as a long-suffering orphan, he would try his best to be tender and sweet with you, you know, when he’s not attempting the double bare-backed horned dragon.

Bangability: 7/10

2. Ron Weasley

As the youngest of six Weasley boys, Ron has something to prove. He’s had to deal with the bragging and boastings of older brothers for as long as he can remember, and damn it if he’s not going to…

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