Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Regift: How to Regift Responsibly


It’s been ten days since Christmas, and I know what you’re all thinking: how do I get rid of all the awful presents I got without feeling guilty? Well friends, I have the solution for you! Follow these __ simple steps for responsible regifting that will leave you free of terrible presents AND looking like a great gift-giver!

1. Keep a list! The biggest regifting no-no is giving the same gift back to the person who gave it to you. Similarly, never regift while the original gifter is in the room! Make sure to keep a list of who gives you what, at least for the gifts you plan on regifting – that way you will never run into those awkward regifting moments.

2. Think about the regiftee. Just because you’re regifting something doesn’t mean you can give any of your throw-away gifts to just anybody. Think about who you’re giving a gift to and THEN decide which of your gifts best suits them!

3. Consider the original gifter. Did they give you this gift as a really thoughtful present? Was it really expensive? Did they think it would be perfect for you and just didn’t quite get it right? Sometimes the gift is as much about the gifter as the giftee – be sure you think about how giving away a gift might affect the original gifter if they found out (because, really, devastating your grandmother by giving away that hideous necklace might just not be worth it).

4. Start a gift closet! If you can’t perfectly match a gift with a person, feel free to save that gift for a person who will really like it. Put all your regiftable gifts in one spot and always check there before you go out and buy a new present for someone – it will save you money and time!

5. Know that other people might regift your presents. So don’t be offended if they do! You may have gotten them something really thoughtful, or you may not have, but know that sometimes your gifts may not exactly suit the person you gave them to – it’s not the end of the world.

So, if you got any totally unusable presents this holiday season (think earrings for unpierced ears or… bras for a guy?), feel free to regift them! Just make sure you are considerate, thoughtful, and smart about your regifting to ensure that everyone ends up happy.


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