To Nelson Mandela

(photo courtesy of the Saratoga Wire)

(photo courtesy of the Saratoga Wire)

A few nights ago, I was on a wild goose chase around campus for a stick of butter to make cookies, when I came across a vigil that was being held in remembrance of Nelson Mandela. People were holding candles and telling heartfelt stories while the amazing South African music warmed up the cold air. The vigil was small but powerful and I only wish I had found it by choice and hadn’t just stumbled upon it. While I have no personal connection to Mandela and my life here in the US has not been directly affected by Mandela, in 51 days that will all change. So, prior to my study abroad journey that will take me to Cape Town, South Africa, what I want to say to Nelson Mandela is thank you. Thank you for making South Africa, Africa, and the world a better, freer, more equal place. I am honored to be able to visit the country in which you have had such an incredible impact. I am so grateful for this opportunity and I hope that while I am in Cape Town I can honor your memory.



A news covering of the vigil can be found here:


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