Wall Art

These are some of my “I’m bored in class” doodles that I hung on my wall.

Wall Art - 22

Wall Art - Tarzan

Wall Art - Balloon

Wall Art - Friday

Wall Art - Ours

Wall Art - Weeds

On a different note, here’s another type of wall art that I did…

Painting Barb's Wall 027 Painting Barb's Wall 043 Painting Barb's Wall 042  Painting Barb's Wall 057 Painting Barb's Wall 061  Painting Barb's Wall 067 Painting Barb's Wall 069   Painting Barb's Wall 070 Painting Barb's Wall 063 Painting Barb's Wall 071 Painting Barb's Wall 002 Painting Barb's Wall 010


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