5 Reasons Why Miley Cyrus is My Hero

I love Miley. Here’s an accurate description of why.


Everyone seems to love hating Miley Cyrus after her very un-Disney like behavior over the past year. I get that people get all up in arms when a once sweet jean jacket-wearing girl turns into a latex crop top-donning freak, but everyone needs to comme des fuckdown, because Miley Cyrus is my hero. To all of Miley’s haters out there, this blogger wants to tell you how much she loves Miley.

1. She’s a White Girl Who Can Twerk

Most girls can’t actually twerk. You either can or you can’t. Your butt either jiggles like jello or it doesn’t. Twerking is a rare talent and if a girl has it, she’s probably not white. But Miley is the exception to this rule because she manages to basically unhinge her butt in her “We Can’t Stop” music video and gives hope to rhythm-less white girls, like myself.

2. She Can…

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