Style Challenge

What feels like forever ago, when I first started this blog, I said that I was working on a style challenge in which I would wear only blue jeans and black shirts for a week and attempt to make it stylish and fun the entire time. I was working under the assumption that when people are feeling tired or pressed for time in the morning, they throw on whatever is easiest; which, for me, is often blue jeans and a black shirt. Then I spend the entire day feeling inadequate about my clothing choices (I go to a school where everyone dresses well every day). I realize that clothing choice seems trivial when it comes to more important things like getting my education, but for people who care about fashion, style always matters. Given all of this, here is my week of black shirts and blue jeans (many months overdue, but here nonetheless):


Blue Jeans Black Shirt 2

This was one of those Mondays that definitely felt like a Monday. I was tired and already overwhelmed thinking about the week to come. I had a meeting early in the morning, then class, and then a movie to go to for class, so I needed something comfortable – I stuck with a black tank and my comfiest skinny jeans with a pair of loafer-esque flats, an oversized cardigan, and a scarf. My hair was a mess so I threw it into a top knot and stuck on some of my favorite dangly earrings and a headband. This felt like a good start to my style challenge week.


Black Shirt Blue Jeans 6

Tuesday I decided to go rocker-chic (well, my version of that anyways). I wanted something simple for my longest day of classes, so I threw on a 3/4 length black shirt, some darker wash blue jeans, and my mom’s old motorcycle boots. I finished off the look with a convenient side braid and some dead fish earrings.


Black Shirt Blue Jeans 5

Wednesday I chose to go slightly more summery because the weather was still warm (like I said, this post is a few months overdue). I rolled the bottom of my jeans to show off some ankle (ooh, scandalous), stuck on a loose-knit cardigan, and some fun pink Keds. Then I threw on some funky sunglasses to complete the look.


Black Shirt Blue Jeans (2)

Thursday was cold again (classic upstate New York weather), so I wore a leather (okay, fine, pleather) jacket, an olive green infinity scarf, and some new golden faux-fur-lined high top shoes. This was a combination of warm, comfortable, and edgy – perfect for fall weather.


Blue Jeans Black Shirt

Fridays I have work first thing in the morning and class immediately afterwards, so I knew I needed to wear something multi-functional. For this look, I went with knee socks, my favorite Frye boots, and a comfy red cardigan – covered enough for work in the dining hall, but also cute enough for class.


Blue Jeans Black Shirt 4

Saturday I went apple picking with my roommate and her family, so I needed to wear clothes that were warm and that I didn’t mind getting dirty. I wore some old gray high tops from H&M, a cozy fall cardigan, and a brown leather jacket, along with some peach-colored chandelier earrings that I had gotten for my birthday. Apple picking is my absolute favorite fall activity and I knew there would be many photo ops, so I picked an outfit that was cute and functional.


Blue Jeans Black Shirt 3

Sunday I managed to pull together one of my favorite outfits of the week. This was the only day I didn’t wear skinny jeans, because I also like to rock the boot cut once in a while. When skinny jeans took over, most people forgot other jean styles even existed, so I’m here to show you that they do exist, and they can be cute! I paired these jeans with a black tank top, a gray cardigan and a beige leather-combination jacket, a colorful scarf, and orange moccasins. This was a great outfit because I managed to make it colorful and comfortable, while still being easy to throw on and a black-shirt-blue-jeans outfit to be proud of.

What do you think? Would you try this style challenge? Let me know in the comments!


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