Happy Thanksgivukkah


Also, it’s not Thanksgivmukkah. Where is the “m” coming from? Neither Thanksgiving nor Hanukkah have an “m.” Just to clarify.

To hop on the bandwagon: I hope everyone has a fantastic time today at this once-in-a-lifetime holiday, Thanksgivukkah.

A year ago today, I was having the worst week of my life. I had cried more than half the hours I’d been awake and I felt worlds away from my family. This Thanksgiving, I feel so grateful for all the people who were there for me last year when I needed them, and all the people who have remained with me this year. I am also thankful for all of you who read my blog – when I started this, I expected to have my family, close friends, and a few random Facebook friends read it. Now, almost one million views later, I am still in shock that so many people enjoy reading what I have to say. So thanks!

I could keep writing about all the things I’m thankful for, but instead, I think I’ll go find some food (after all, I have two food-centric holidays to celebrate).


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