Frequently Asked Questions (For Which I Remain Answerless)

FAQ - Hook Up

“What are you up to later?” Why, hot guy who I’ve been crushing on for months? Do you want to hook up? Because then I’m not doing anything. But if you want to come over to copy my homework, then I’m suuuuper busy. This question just bums me out, because it makes me think for a second that someone might actually want to hang out with me later. But nope! Usually it’s a question asked solely to sound polite and act like you care. If I’m lucky, it’ll be one of my friends asking to make sure I’m not doing anything cooler than they are that night (spoiler alert: I never am). This question poses a problem for me because I never know whether to answer honestly (probably sitting in my room doing homework until my friends show up to entertain me) or to pretend like I’m not actually as lame as I am. One Saturday night, I went to urgent care with my roommate and another friend to make sure my roommate wasn’t dying (she wasn’t), and I had more fun than my normal weekend nights. Although, I had gone to a party the night before and had a worse time, so maybe I just need to reassess my definition of fun… clearly urgent care is where it’s at.


2 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions (For Which I Remain Answerless)

  1. Sam Harris says:

    First day back from winter break our freshman year I was hospitalized with a heart condition, and I have to say that I didn’t have a terrible time. The best part was hanging out in a hospital bed while hearing nurses gossip about which doctors they wanted to have sex with. It was the closest my life will ever be to Grey’s Anatomy.

  2. Shirine Taylor says:

    Fun is definitely not always partying! At least not for me. I would chose a night in over a night drinking any day of the week, and luckily, once you are no longer in the college scene, this is totally acceptable.

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